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CUPIDS REVENGE!!!!!! (Feb5th-Feb10th)

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CUPIDS REVENGE!!!!!! (Feb5th-Feb10th)


This Saturday!

Heart Throbbing. Palm Sweating. Pulse Pumping.


New Braunfels CrossFit-Sporthalle brings you the ultimate Saturday for singles, sweethearts and “just friends”. Team up (or better yet, let us team you up!) with your CrossFit darling and take on the wrath of Cupid’s Revenge. Dodge his fiery arrows by battling as male/female “couples”.

But wait there is more.

With stamp collected at the Community workout. New Braunfels Brewing Co will be being offering 1/2 price tasting flights at 11:00.

1/2 PRICE!!!!!!!!!


See Facebook event for more information.



Highlights from this week. Gotta play to win!


 Amaya Flores

She is our current #sporthalleflamingobingo leader and recently we asked her a few questions about her experience with us at Sporthalle.

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

I was looking for something that would give me a good healthy challenge without all pressure of buying into other products/services, that would still give me the guidance I need.

What were some of your concerns about coming into the gym?

I don’t have any concerns at this point. Any that I had have all been taken care of through the awesome empathetic coaches.

What is the biggest impact that New Braunfels CrossFit has made in your life?

This is not just a gym. It is a community that empowers and motivates everyone. It is awesome at being family oriented.

What’s your favorite New Braunfels CrossFit memory?

The first I did my max on deadlift at 270 lbs.

What advice would you give to someone who is on the fence about joining New Braunfels CrossFit?

Just do it! Try a free workout on Saturday. The environment is the same no matter what day of the Week, or what time you come. There is not another place that will offer what NBCF Sportshalle offers. From the coaches to the members, it is all awesome!

Thanks again Amaya. If you see Amaya around the ‘Halle ask her what her bingo secret is and give her a high five!



This weeks CrossFit programming:



9 min EMOM

15 Goblet Squats

40 Lateral Hops

20 Swings


2-minute mobility. Caveman squat and front rack

3 sets of Fronts Squats

10 reps – empty bar no pause

5-7 reps – light weight focus on breathing

3 reps – moderate weight practice 3 sec pause


4 sets w/ 2 min Rest between sets

3 x Front Squat w/ 3 sec Pause

Tempo (33×1) start at 50% and build to a tough set of 3

Superset with 3 MAX Distance Broad Jumps


3 min Work/ 1 min Rest

10 KB/DB Snatch – alternating each rep

5 Burpees over the KB

Rx: KB 55/35, Fitness: DB/KB 40/25 db, NTY: DB scale appropriately

Notes: pick up where you stopped. The score is the total number of rounds. Focus on smooth rhythm for both the snatches and the burpees. Move quickly with little to no rest during the 3 minutes. Pick a weight that is manageable for clean unbroken ten.


1 min of each

Walking Knee Hugs

Lying Quad Stretch

Child’s Pose with Belly Breaths



9 min EMOM

Scapular work

Pike Push-up



12 min EMOM

5-10 Supinated Pull-Ups

180/180 Clock Walks

10 Hollow Tuck

Notes: jumping negative, barbell rack-row

Reduce to the rotation 90/90 or shoulder touches


Wrist prep

200m dynamic jog



Push Press

Front Rack Lunge

200m Run

Rx 115/75, Fitness: 85/45 NTY: DBs pick weight

Notes: Push the run, think sprint. Holding the FR position will be challenging for the Lunge so they can opt for a back rack if they have writs issues. Smooth step through on the lunge no pause.


1 min of each

Single Leg Forward Fold

Twisted Cross



9 min EMOM

Negative Push Ups (tempo 4221)

Ring Row



5-10 reps empty bar

5 lightweight

5 moderate weight


6 rounds (25 min cap)

5 Floor Press (NWN) (tempo 3211)

(rest 30 sec)

6-8 Single DB Row (tempo 41X2)

Rest 60 sec

Notes: Find a weight that’s challenging on the 5th rep. Try to find a weight and stick with it for all 6 rounds. You will be weaker in one of the positions.

NWN – 1st round Narrow, 2nd round Wide, 3rd round Normal….

Row – focus on holding a strong shoulder while being dynamic. Unsupported and challenging. Limit Thoracic rotation.


A: 3 rounds (15 min running clock)

1 min Dead bugs

10 Kneeling Chop

B: 2 x 400m Sprint

Rest 1-1 record time

Notes: kneeling chop focus on the exhale breath, forceful and controlled.


Walk 200m

Roll Upper Thoracic

1 min tempo Breathing (3 counts inhale, 3 count hold, 6 count exhale)

Start in the deep belly and working the way up the spine.

Thursday (game day)


9 min EMOM

Hip Switch

Reverse Step Lunge

High Knees


10 reps NO weight

5/5 reps light weight


3 sets MAX reps (challenge yourself)

Rear Elevated Split Squats

@35% FS weight (NTY no weight 15 reps each leg)

Rest 30 sec between legs

Rest 2 min between sets

Notes: Moving continuously, try not to rest at the top. If they don’t have a FS 1rm then have them find a medium weight. Looking for no more than 15 reps per leg.


50 Slam Balls

40 Waiter Carry Lunge

30 Wall Balls (spicy – WallBall half burpee)

20 Traveling Push Ups

10 Slam Ball Get-Ups

(15 min cap)

Notes: NTY – 40/30/20/10/5 reps, double overhead lunge, standard push-ups or box push-ups.


1 min at each

Supine Twist Stretch

Thread the Needle







2 rounds

1 min Prayer Position on Box

30 sec Banded Good mornings

30 sec X-walks


Partner WOD

9 rounds (20 min AMRAP)

Athlete A: 100m Farmer Carry ((or OH Plate Carry)??

Athlete B: max reps at each station.

Rotate when Athlete finishes Carry

Station 1: Back Squat (RX 65/45, Fitness: empty bar)

Station 2: Bicep Curl

Station 3: Good Mornings (NTY: banded or gut-busters)

Score: total reps


You made it. See you tomorrow at Cupids Revenge.





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