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January 2018

Jan 15th-20th


  Welcome to the start of a brand new week! This is is going to be a fun week. So you may notice this calendar is looking fuller and fuller. There is so much going in the Sporthalle. One of our new programs is Sporthalle Bootcamp. This is 45 min High-Intensity Interval Training workout. It [...]

Jan 8th-13th


Welcome to the new weekly "State of Sporthalle" address. In this, I'll be giving you all the information you need to know about the coming week at Sporthalle. Monday: Bootcamp starts this week. 815am and 9:15 am (FREE to New Braunfels CrossFit members for the month of January.) Fresh Start Challenge begins Tuesday: Yoga at [...]

Jan 5th,2017


RXD Tabata Double-unders Front Squats (55/35 lb.) Double-unders Back Squats (65/45 lb.) Fitness Tabata Fast Feet Front Squats Fast Feet Back Squats Tabata bonanza! Today we will be squatting and jumping for 4 full Tabata intervals mixing a quad-zapping, light barbell load with a metabolic/shoulder-intensive movement in the Double-under. At the start of the workout, [...]

Jan 4th, 2018


RXD 14 Ring Push-ups 14 Toes-to-Bars 100-m Waiters Carry (50/35 lb.) 5 rounds Fitness 10 Push-ups 10 Wall-Lying Hands to Feet 100-m Waiters Carry 5 rounds Today’s workout is a 5-round triplet of a pressing gymnastics movement, a pulling gymnastics movement, and an overhead carry. All movements are relatively shoulder dominant and will make for [...]

Jan 3rd,2018


Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3   Wednesday pump day! Leg pump that is … After a few days of intense met-cons and heavy shoulder demand, we will be Back-Squatting today for 5 sets of 3. A majority of our time will be allotted to hit 5 true working sets with a fun finisher at the end—the BW [...]

Jan 2nd,2018


RXD Every 5 min. perform: 500-m Row 15 Push Presses (135/95 lb.) 4 rounds Fitness Every 5 min. perform: 500-m Row 15 Push Presses 4 rounds In a 5-minute window, athletes start with a 500-m Row. Once they have completed the row, they perform 15 Push Presses, then rest the remainder of the 5 minutes, [...]