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February 2018

Feb 26th-Mar 3rd


This week's CrossFit Programming Monday WARM-UP: Sprint Warm-Ups (3 min) Then 3 Rds 10 Ring Rows 10 Bottoms Up Press 10 Goat Belly 10 Goblet Squats   PREP-WORK: 2-minute mobility. Wrist prep and front rack 15 min Skill Review and Weight Build-up. A good goal is to start the first round of the EMOM with [...]

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Feb. 19th-24th (Game day vs Training Day)


  Welcome to a new week.     Check out this video from our newest program. FIT 4 Life    https://www.instagram.com/p/BfOW8nKn_Z2/?taken-by=newbraunfelscrossfit In our weekly programming we have 1 day a week labeled "Game Day" what does that mean?   Game Day vs. Training Day What’s the difference? Game day is when you put yourself [...]

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Feb 12-17


  Welcome to a new week. Every week we get asked lots of questions. "Whats up with Keto?" "Can we change this song?" "When is Stone the dog coming back to the gym?" "Whats Sporthalle Barbell? " "Who would win in a fight between Steven Seagal and Coach Dave?" "Whats Sporhalle Bootcamp?" "Whats Fit4life?" Well [...]

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CUPIDS REVENGE!!!!!! (Feb5th-Feb10th)


  This Saturday! Heart Throbbing. Palm Sweating. Pulse Pumping. It's CUPIDS REVENGE. New Braunfels CrossFit-Sporthalle brings you the ultimate Saturday for singles, sweethearts and "just friends". Team up (or better yet, let us team you up!) with your CrossFit darling and take on the wrath of Cupid's Revenge. Dodge his fiery arrows by battling as [...]

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