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July 2018

July 30th-August 4th


New Shirt coming soon. What sort of things should the Social Club do? This weeks CrossFit Programming: New Braunfels Crossfit July Goals 1. Fun - good atmosphere, interesting workouts, healthy competition. 2. Clean Progressions including accessories to improve position in the clean and a stronger squat. Monday WARM-UP: 3 rounds 200m Run 10 Curtsey Lunges [...]

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July 23rd-July 28th


Welcome to a new week.   Quick Take: Practice takes practice. “Practice even what seems impossible. The left hand is useless at almost everything, for lack of practice. But it guides the reins better than the right. From practice.”-Marcus Aurelius This week you have a simple call to action for you from Marcus Aurelius, to [...]

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July 16th-20th


WELCOME TO A NEW WEEK!!! PARENTS NIGHT OUT SUCCESS!!! THANK YOU, So much We are so grateful for everyone that volunteered last night (and that shared their children with us)! We had a night of fun and friendship. Thank you everyone ! We raised money to get equipment for our Youth USAW team. There are [...]

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July 9th-14th


THIS FRIDAY! We are all busy. How about spending a little 1 on 1 time with your spouse or loved one? Come drop the kids off on Friday July 13th from 630pm-930pm We are doing a parents night out and best of all its a fundraiser for the Sporthalle Barbell Club Youth Team. Cost is [...]

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