1153 N Academy Ave, New Braunfels TX 78130

Apr 16-21st

//Apr 16-21st

Apr 16-21st

CEDARS at Sporthalle.

Thank you to everyone that came to support Drew, Sandeigh and the rest of Cedars.  We at Sporthalle are truly grateful to have such an amazing group of people who support each other. Special thanks to everyone who came early to set up, stayed late to take down, and everyone who helped make this thing happen.  There is still time to donate to the IndieGoGo campaign. CHECK OUT THE LINK HERE.

After the event we had several people ask us “Whats next?” well I’m glad you asked.

We are volunteering at the Comal Fit games. Talk to Coach Chick for more information.

We are also going to have a team building a boat for “THRU THE CHUTE” the cardboard tube chute race.

The race is April 28th

Boat Building at
Monday April 16th and
Wednesday April 18th.

This weeks workouts!



3 rounds

10/10 Lateral Monster Walks

10/10 Crossover Box Step Ups

5 World’s Greatest Stretch



10 Empty Bar Back Rack Reverse Lunges

10 Empty Bar BR Explosive Step Ups w/ Negative

(45% of 3rm FS and work up from there.)



5 rounds

5/5 Single Leg Step Ups (controlled landing)

8 Alt Max Height Jumping Lunges

Notes: Back Rack barbell and strep up on parallel box height if possible. Stand to full extension before using the other leg for assistance. If you can not lower the box or weight. Choose a weight that is challenging.



Buy in: 400m Run or 500m Row

Then, 4 rounds

12 OH KB Lunges

10 Front Squats

8 Push Jerks

(15 min time cap)

Rx; Double KB/DB, Fitness Single KB or DB

Notes: Choose a weight that you can maintain stable overhead form. Don’t allow arching in the back.



1:00 Couch Stretch R/L
10 Lying Internal/External Shoulder Stretch R/L
15 Slow Shoulder Wall slides



3 rounds

30 sec work 10 sec rest

Bear Crawl

Slow Shoulder Wall Slides

Crab Walk

Single Unders



Review options for Ring Dips

10 easy DB Bench Press



4 rounds:

5-10 Ring Dips (weighted if possible) (rest 30 sec)

6-10 DB Bench Press (tempo 41×1) (rest 30 sec)

5 Strict Toes 2 Bar (rest 60 sec)

Notes: Scale for the ring dips….toes on a box. If they start to fail a single red band can be used. Bench Press….looking for good controlled movement down and explosive up. Don’t bang the weights at the top but get a good SQUEEZE. T2B…..scale to a pike with a negative or a negative leg raise holding on to the rack.



3 rounds for time.

30 Double Unders

30 Alt KB/DB Snatch

3 Wall Walks

Notes: the scale for DU…10 tall jumps and 40 singles or 10 attempts and 40 singles.



1:00 Dead hang on Bar Focus on deep breathing
2:00 Forward Fold (place roller under knees if needed) (play dead)




400m Run

3 Rds

10 Bottoms Up Double KB Squats

10 KB Good Morning

6 World’s Greatest Stretch

5 Broad Jumps



Squat Clean Review: Empty Bar

Clean Pull – Clean High Pull – Power Clean – Front Squat – Full Squat Clean.

Spend 5 minutes finding your start weight.



21 min EMOM

  1. 3-5 Squat Cleans
  2. 5 Tall Box Jumps
  3. 10 Banded KB Swings

NOTES: Take this time to work on cycling heavier weight. Try and find your working weight after 3 rounds. Challenge yourself on a taller box. See how high you can get. Banded KB swings to reinforce good extension at the top of the swing and using the hip hinge to drive the bell.



Pick Your Poison – TABATA

Choose one movement and enjoy 4 minutes of fun!



Jumping Lunges

Slam Balls

Sit Ups

NOTES: Pick an exercise and complete as many reps or calories as possible during 8 rounds of Tabata.



10 R/L T-spine opener
1:00 Pigeon Stretch R/L
1:00 Couch Stretch R/L



3 Rds

10 Banded Pull Aparts

10 Push Ups

10 Pass Throughs

10 Scap Pull Ups



10 Strict Press

10 Push Press

Spend 5 min finding your working weight for PP.



4 rounds (17 min time limit)

4-6 Push Press (rest 30 sec)

5-10 Mix Grip Pull Up (rest 60 sec)

Notes: PIck a PP weight that is very challenging to perform the last rep with perfect form. Rotate between supinate grip and mixed grip each round. If Pull Ups are easy then add weight.

Scale: Pull up with feet on the box. Or they can use ONE band only (red or blue only).



Teams of 4 Conga Line Style

Every Minute on the Minute for 20 minutes?

Row max Calories


Max Burpees


Notes: Each team will work and rest and accumulate as many burpees and meters as possible in 20 minutes.



1:00 Dead Hang on Bar with deep breathing
Foam roll

Friday (Game Day!)


Pizza Box Game

And then:

2 rounds of

10 Scap push sups

10 Rotating Push Ups

10 Jumping Lunges



Handstand Holds

Spend 15 minutes practicing kicking up to a handstand.

Holding a Handstand unsupported.



5 rounds: (30 min Cap)

5 Clean and Jerks

20 Burpees

5 Clean and Jerks

20 Wall Balls

60 sec rest

Rx: 155/115, 20/14 ball

Fitness: scale as needed NTY: 10 burpees

Notes: good movement over heavyweight.



Coaches choice!



Foam roll and work on you 100m goal.





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