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April 1st – 5th

//April 1st – 5th

April 1st – 5th

Hello and good day, Sporthalle fam!

As we push forward on the topic of saving/slowing time, we can’t simply talk about it and hope for the best. We’re trying to slow time down here! We’re trying to live longer! Along with the more omnipotent view you’re taking, we’ll need to implement some sort of practice. This needs to become a thing for each of us instead of just a topic of conversation.

A few years ago, I dropped a blog about being in the moment. In the write up, I describe balance work as a specific task that keeps me captivated, or in the moment. Being in the river, especially in rapids, seem to do the trick for me as well. When I begin to think about anything outside of the next step or stroke, my workload increases or I pay a penalty. My focus becomes fixated on the journey and much less on the finish line. More is accomplished.

Not just any task will elicit such focus though. Washing dishes or cleaning the house will allow your mind to wander. I do believe mindless tasks are a necessity, but it’s too easy to think about your 5 o’clock meeting at 9 in the morning while mowing the lawn. Find a task that requires a little skin in the game. A task that shells out a bit of a penalty for wandering thoughts. This will help you stay focused. I’ll let you choose how deep into that rabbit hole you want to go, but I warn you to carefully weigh risk vs reward.

Your job this week is to come up with a task you can perform for just a few minutes a day that will keep 100% of your focus tied up in only that task. If you need a jumping off point, find a 10′ 2×4 from Lowe’s or Home Depot, lay it on the ground, and work on walking heel to toe all the way down and back multiple times. If you feel confident in your abilities, raise the 2×4 off of the ground and give it a go. Take this thing as high as you want, but remember, this is your rabbit hole to crawl through, not mine. I suggest being extremely honest with yourself about those capabilities.

This Instagram post from a couple years ago shows one of my homemade beams being put to use. You can build something similar, if the 2×4 isn’t enough stimulus for you. I have one up at the gym if you want to play…just remember what I said about that rabbit hole. 😉

April 1st

Monday, April 1st, we begin our latest challenge. You guys are going to see a few new faces in the gym. When you do, make sure to give them a warm welcome. I know you remember day one…it can be a bit daunting for some so remind them why they are here. By now, you also understand the importance of consistency. They’ll need the same reminders the rest of us need. 😉

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