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April 22nd – 26th

//April 22nd – 26th

April 22nd – 26th

Hey guys!

We hope you all had an amazing time with family and friends during Easter! The weather was absolutely phenomenal! I don’t know about you, but I spent the entire day outside. I tinkered around the garden, spent time with family, watched the little ones hunt eggs like savage little beasts, and drank a beer with my brother-in-law while he grilled the most ridiculous grass-fed steaks and burgers. Tiffany’s dad has a cousin in East Texas who ranches these cattle on the most beautiful ranch. They’re out there doing things the right way.

I hope you spent your time with good people in a similar fashion. I hope you slowed time down like I did by stepping back and taking it all in. I hope your breath was cool, calm, and relaxed and you enjoyed every moment you were given. You deserve it! 😉

After a holiday where lots of fuel is consumed and not much energy is burned, it would not be a bad idea to follow it up with one of those fasts we’ve been talking about. Treat yourself to one. You deserve that too. I know the guy who sold you your last batch of supplements told you you needed a meal in between meals and then another meal later and maybe a snack in between some of that, but…he’s got something to sell.

And he’s wrong.

Truth is…you can say no. This is really the essence of fasting. Sure, it can help you in certain areas like weight loss, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about YOU being in control. Give it a go.

Drink plenty of water and let your digestive system take some time off. 😉

April 27th – Cardboard Boat Race

The race is taking the place of the Saturday morning workout.

Hey look…you don’t have to be in the boat. Just come hang out and help us put it together. At least, show up to laugh at us and tell us what we’re doing wrong! We’ll let you know this week when we’re meeting to build this thing. Looks like it’ll be an evening thing after you get off of work.

Bring a friend…

I know you have a friend who wants in on these Happy Monkey exercises. Let them know they can roll through with you this week to see what Sporthalle is all about! We’d love to move with them!

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