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April 29th – May 3rd

//April 29th – May 3rd

April 29th – May 3rd

Sooo, Sporthalle had a pretty successful ride down the Tube Chute during the Cardboard Boat Race! Dressed as lady bugs in their floating leaf, Andrew and Logan made it to the wall! I wasn’t able to attend because of a wedding, but a good buddy sent some photos my way…

Looks like there was a solid turn out and lots of fun to be had.

This week, I want to give you access to my morning routine. This is a great way to get inside your mind and clear out the garbage. It’s a way for you to practice being in the moment…because tomorrow’s 5pm meeting really shouldn’t matter at 9am today. 😉 It’s a way to set the tone for your day. It will help you prioritize. It will help you breathe better. Everything in the document is pretty straight forward, but if you have any questions, shoot them my way and I’ll walk you through whatever you need.

Click that link to access the morning routine.

Morning Routine


Memorial Day Murph – May 27th

We’re still a ways out, but we want to put this bug in your ear. May 27th, Memorial Day Murph is going down. For those who might not know what The Murph is all about, it’s a nation wide event to honor Lt Michael Murphy a fallen Navy SEAL. The donations collected go to a great cause and you can read about that HERE.

LT. (SEAL) Michael P. Murphy
Rest easy, sailor. Fair winds and following seas.
(Click picture)

Bring a friend…

We were serious about you bringing a friend to train with you. So serious that if they become a member, we’re handing out some pretty sweet referral prizes! If that friend happens to be an immediate family member, they’re getting an incredible discount on their membership.

Class Schedule

Weekly Workload

Your weekly workload will now be found on the Train Heroic app. This is a free training app that we’ve been using for quite sometime now. Through the app, you will not only be able to see your weekly programming, but you’ll also be able to track your progress. Think of it like a journal, but cooler. 😉

You’ll need to do an app search for “Train Heroic” on your phone. The app looks like this…

Once you download the app, you’ll need to create an account and your access code will be “newbraunfels.”

If you have any issues, please email us at info@newbraunfelscrossfit.com.


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