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April 8th – April 12th

//April 8th – April 12th

April 8th – April 12th


How did last week go? If you sought out and found a task that kept you in the moment and super focused, I want to hear about it. Shoot me an email at Info@newbraunfelscrossfit.com and let’s talk about it!

It’s funny, we’ve been on this subject matter for a few weeks now and this morning, I run across THIS article. One of the many things that stuck out for me was…

“But for hunter-gatherers, everything was present-oriented. All of their effort was focused on meeting an immediate need.

They were absolutely confident that they would be able to get food from their environment when they needed it. So they didn’t waste time storing or growing food. This lifestyle created a very different perspective on time.”

I’ll keep this short so you’ll have time to read the article, but I do want you thinking about the part I referenced up above. Specifically, the “they didn’t waste time storing or growing food” part. That means they woke up everyday and had to work for their food. I can strongly assume the further back in history we travel, we’ll see more and more examples of the same.

Work…for your food; something that would require your utmost attention; something that has a sizable penalty for mistakes made. If hunting for your sustenance everyday doesn’t keep you in the moment, I’ve got nothing for you.

At least, two days this week, let’s see if you can go 14-16 hours between dinner and breakfast the next day. Change nothing else. During this time, make sure you stay hydrated. Light yellow to clear urine is what you’re looking for when gauging your hydration. You can have black coffee during this time as well…just no calories.

The strongest plants and animals are the ones who face a bit of scarcity on the regular. Just a thought. 😉

Make your first meal of the day a huge salad with 3-4 types of leaves, nuts, seeds, berries, green onions & onions, garlic, maybe a hard boiled egg and/or a blackened piece of fish, avocado oil, balsamic vinegar, pink sea salt, and cracked pepper. That’s just an example. Try to cover all of your nutrient bases and don’t feel bad about it.

Cardboard Boat Race?

So, are we doing this or what???

I need to know who’s in so we can try and measure up to this guy’s level of epic…

The date is looking like Saturday, April 27th. The clock is ticking and we need to get a boat built unless we plan on swimming down this thing. If you have any big pieces of cardboard, or know where we can get some, let us know. If you’re even a little bit creative and want to put your engineering skills to the test, we’ll take all the advice we can get.

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