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March 2018

Build your bucket (Mar 5th- 10th)


  Have some brunch! Then come to Yoga! WEEKLY BLOG POST: By Logan Christiansen Build your bucket: the importance of a proper foundation I’m a storyteller. Plain and simple. I think it comes from 2 places.  First, as a child my grandparents always told me “tall tales.”  Second, my father (who was an Air Force navigator [...]

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February 2018

Feb 12-17


  Welcome to a new week. Every week we get asked lots of questions. "Whats up with Keto?" "Can we change this song?" "When is Stone the dog coming back to the gym?" "Whats Sporthalle Barbell? " "Who would win in a fight between Steven Seagal and Coach Dave?" "Whats Sporhalle Bootcamp?" "Whats Fit4life?" Well [...]

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CUPIDS REVENGE!!!!!! (Feb5th-Feb10th)


  This Saturday! Heart Throbbing. Palm Sweating. Pulse Pumping. It's CUPIDS REVENGE. New Braunfels CrossFit-Sporthalle brings you the ultimate Saturday for singles, sweethearts and "just friends". Team up (or better yet, let us team you up!) with your CrossFit darling and take on the wrath of Cupid's Revenge. Dodge his fiery arrows by battling as [...]

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January 2018

Jan 29th-Feb 3rd


  A recipe for you to try this week. Hearty and soul-warming paleo chili, loaded with extra veggies and familiar flavors. And here’s the best part…your slow-cooker does most of the work for you on autopilot! I was craving a steaming bowl of hearty beef chili at the time…but now that beans and cheese were off the menu, I had to [...]

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Jan 8th-13th


Welcome to the new weekly "State of Sporthalle" address. In this, I'll be giving you all the information you need to know about the coming week at Sporthalle. Monday: Bootcamp starts this week. 815am and 9:15 am (FREE to New Braunfels CrossFit members for the month of January.) Fresh Start Challenge begins Tuesday: Yoga at [...]

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Jan 2nd,2018


RXD Every 5 min. perform: 500-m Row 15 Push Presses (135/95 lb.) 4 rounds Fitness Every 5 min. perform: 500-m Row 15 Push Presses 4 rounds In a 5-minute window, athletes start with a 500-m Row. Once they have completed the row, they perform 15 Push Presses, then rest the remainder of the 5 minutes, [...]

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December 2017

Dec 27th,2017


  RXD 100 Double-unders 15 Strict Pull-ups 80 Double-unders 20 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups 60 Double-unders 25 Pull-ups Fitness 100 Fast Feet 15 Strict Ring Pull-ups 80 Fast Feet 20 Ring Rows 60 Fast Feet 25 Jumping Pull-ups We are doubling up two days in a row of jumping and pulling, if you didn’t notice. That is [...]

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Dec 8th,2017


RXD 4 Front-Rack Lunges (135/95 lb.) 4 Shoulder-to-Overhead AMRAP 7 min. Fitness 4 Front-Rack Lunges 4 Shoulder-to-Overhead AMRAP 7 min. Today’s workout is a quick burst of energy with a moderate, yet challenging barbell complex. It’s 7 minutes of 4 Front-Rack Lunges (2 per leg, 4 total) and 4 Shoulder-to-Overhead, which can be completed as [...]

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Dec 1st, 2017


RXD 400-m Run 30 Strict HSPU 40 Box Jumps (20 in.) 400-m Run 20 Strict HSPU 30 Box Jumps 400-m Run Fitness 400-m Run 20 Pike Push-ups 40 Step-ups 200-m Run 20 Pike Push-ups 30 Step-ups 400-m Run Happy Friday! We are finishing out the week without heavy loading, just a triplet of running, jumping [...]

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November 2017

Nov 30th,2017


RXD 8-6-4-2 1 Power Snatch 1 Hang Squat Snatch 1 OH Squat *Load increases each round Men: 65-95-135-155 Women: 45-65-95-115 Fitness 8-6-4-2 1 Power Snatch 1 Hang Squat Snatch 1 OH Squat *Load increases each round Today’s workout specializes in a descending rep scheme of ascending weights of Olympic lifting. At the beginning of the [...]

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