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Dec 11th, 2017

//Dec 11th, 2017

Dec 11th, 2017


Min 1: 15 DB Push Jerks (55/35 lb.)
Min 2: 15-/10-Cals Rower
Min 3: 10 DB Box Step-ups
5 Rounds


Min 1: 10 DB Push Jerks
Min 2: 12-/8-Cals Rower
Min 3: 10 Box Step-ups
5 Rounds

A little task/time priority combo today. If you don’t already know, we are a fan of EMOM-style workouts every now and then. They are a great way to enforce a given amount of volume in a specific time period. Today, we are using Dumbbells and the bike for a push/pull/squat compilation. The Push Jerk and Step-ups are intended to be light-moderate loading. Use a 20-in. box as the standard for everyone.

There is no rest between rounds. Athletes need to use the time within each minute to transition.



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