1153 N Academy Ave, New Braunfels TX 78130

Dec 4th, 2017

//Dec 4th, 2017

Dec 4th, 2017


Burpee Box Jump-Overs
Single-Arm DB Hang Power Snatches (45/25 lb.)
Air Squats


Burpee Box Step-Overs
Single-Arm DB Hang Power Snatches
Air Squats

The intention of this workout is to be fast, with the bulk of the time being spent on Burpee Box Jump-Overs, so managing heart rate will be key! The Burpee Box Jump is a jump plus a pressing movement, where the Single-Arm DB Hang Power Snatch is a jump plus a pulling movement, and the Air Squats enable athletes to rest their arms but still tax the legs below parallel. This workout is fast and gives athletes nowhere to hide. ūüėČ



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