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Feb 12-17

Feb 12-17


Welcome to a new week.

Every week we get asked lots of questions.

“Whats up with Keto?”

“Can we change this song?”

“When is Stone the dog coming back to the gym?”

“Whats Sporthalle Barbell? ”

“Who would win in a fight between Steven Seagal and Coach Dave?”

“Whats Sporhalle Bootcamp?”

“Whats Fit4life?”

Well we have answers…To some of those questions.We now have a newly expanded PROGRAMS page on the website. With descriptions of each of the programs we offer as well as class times. So that answers some of those questions.


FIT 4 Life.

Fit 4 Life is a new program.  Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 10am.

But who is it for?

Is Fit For Life for me? It is for you if…….you have a spring in your step, hate taking steps or just like riding the escalator. For those who are young at heart, or on heart medication or just got a new heart. It’s for you if you can’t touch your toes, haven’t seen your toes in a while, or like pink toes. It’s for you if you have a walker you depend on, hide your cane in the closet, have balance like a gymnast or like a newborn giraffe. Have all your teeth, or can’t find your teeth, farsighted, perfect vision or blind as a bat. Those with brittle bones or bones that can tell the weather. It’s for you if your 100 but feel 25, you’re 60 and have all bionic joints, stopped celebrating birthdays after you got your first gray, wake up in the morning with aches and pains or get up 100 times a night tp pee. It’s for you if you have 20 grand-kids or just now expecting your first.

Age is irrelevant. Strength, Balance and Attitude keep us young and living the life we want to live into our 90’s and beyond.


We have a team doing the Rugged Ranch Run this weekend! CLICK THE LINK!



CrossFit Programming for the week.

Week 2:



9 min EMOM

15 Wall Ball

:20 Side P (R/L)

15 KB Swings



4 rounds (16 mins)

6-8 Inverted Bar Row (Rx banded)

30 sec rest

8-10 Kneeling Bottoms Up KB Press (L/R)

60 sec rest

Notes: Row – body is straight and rigid. Chest needs to touch the bar on each rep. Explosive pulls. Keep good shoulder activation at the bottom. Reps should be fluid. More difficult: raise the feet or band across the body

Easier: bent knees, less of an angle, higher bar

Scale: bottoms up DB press or slam-ball press.



2 rounds of 9 reps

PVC thrusters and Jumping Pull Ups



Resting Fran (18 min Cap)

1 min Work/1 min Rest

Until you complete “Fran”



Pull Ups

Notes: focus on good breathing and staying relaxed. Try going unbroken during the minute.  Rx 95/65, Fitness: weight scaled appropriately, jumping C2B, NTY: ring rows, DB thrusters.



200m jog/walk

2 min Upper Thoracic Flow

1 min Breathing (3 count in, 3 count hold, 6 count out)



9 min EMOM

:30 Reaching Squat

10 Cossack Squats

10 Kick Backs



Clean Complex

20 min EMOM (alternating minutes)

A: 1 Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Front Squat + 3 Burpees OTB

B: Rest



Tabata – Renegade Row *rest in Plank




9 min AMRAP

20 Shoulder touches

10 Butt Scoots

:20 Jump to Support -rings



4 rounds (12 min cap)

10 Scap Pull Ups

:20 L-sits

10 Strict Toes to Bar

:20 Chin Over Bar Hold PU

Notes: L-sit can use bar, rings or box. Or scale to a floor straddle.

T2B – kipping to negatives, ½ range of motion, modified dragon flag.



:30 jump rope

:30 running man JP

100m Jog

100m Run

100m timed sprint



10 x 100m Sprint

Rx every 30 sec

Scale every 45 sec

Notes: 100% effort. Focus on good posture and recovery breathing between runs.



2 min Couch Stretch

20 T Spine Twist

1 min Calf Smashing




9 min AMRAP

10 Good Morning (FL)

10 PVC Pass Throughs

10 Rev Step Lunge (L/R)



Pole Squat with upper back stretch

(20 sec with deep breathing then 10 sec each side reach unders)

10 x Pigeon

2 x 5 Empty Bar Snatch Grip Deadlifts at a super slow tempo. Focus on Set Up and Bar Path. Notice the difference in the set up.



Snatch Grip Deadlift


Superset with 15-20 Banded Pull Apart

Notes: Start at at 45% of deadlift weight and spend 15 minutes working up to a tough 5 reps with re-grip on each rep. NO touch and goes.

People with mobility issues can lift from a platform or off plates.



3 rounds

30 Jumping Lunges

30 Russian Twist

3 Wall Walks

Notes: Goal is to move continuously or try to only break one time per set. The jumping lunges will be tough but this is a mental game day.



2 min Cleopatra foam roller

2 min Glute Smashing

Friday (game day)



Pizza Delivery -5 x ½ Burpees penalty



2 rounds

10 T Push Up

10 Jump to Support Rings w/ (1st rd – negative) (2nd rd – tic-tic) (3rd rd – scap press-down)

5/5 Single Arm KB swings

5/5 Around the World



20 min AMRAP

20 KB Swings

20 Burpees on Fire

20 Ring Dips

Notes: Rx 70/53, Fitness 53/35 scaled dips reduce number to 10 dips with a banded or feet on a box, NTY choose appropriate weight on KB, dips using two boxes, burpee on a box -focus on a good push up. Add :30 sec rest between rounds.

KB Swings should be unbroken. The ring dips will be the hardest and slowest part.



3 sets

30 Banded Bicep Curls

30 Banded Front Raise

Notes: NTY: 15 reps



10/10 Thoracic Spine Rotation

5/5 Scorpion Twist

1 min Child’s Pose





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