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Feb. 19th-24th (Game day vs Training Day)

//Feb. 19th-24th (Game day vs Training Day)

Feb. 19th-24th (Game day vs Training Day)


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In our weekly programming we have 1 day a week labeled “Game Day” what does that mean?


Game Day vs. Training Day

What’s the difference?

  • Game day is when you put yourself to the test.  You find out what you’re made of by performing at your absolute highest level of output. This is a day to really test your limits.  Relative to CrossFit, Game Day could be a benchmark workout or max out a day.
  • Training Day is what we do to prepare for Game Day.  More importantly, it is what we do to maintain optimum health.  It is what we do to achieve our goals.

It is important to understand the difference between the two days.

Let me give you an example. Performing a 1 rep max on the back squat is NOT an effective training method.  The damage was done to the Central Nervous System and muscular system surpasses the body’s ability to recover quick enough for a positive adaptation.

So  you might ask yourself: “if it breaks us down that much, what is it good for and why would we do it?”  Though it is not an effective training day, it is an excellent metric to track for maximum strength.  It is a quantifiable measurement of work capacity within the strength domain.  Furthermore, it gives us percentages to use that allow us to program accurate intensities (intensity in this context is what percentage of your 1 rep max you are lifting).  This makes for effective training, thus providing great potential for improved performance when the next test day arrives.  The 1 rep max is game day.

Simply put, our bodies fluctuate between catabolic (breaking down)  and anabolic states (building up).  Exercising (stress) slightly tears muscle fibers and breaks us down, putting our system into a catabolic state.  These physiological responses to stress placed on the body require rest and replenishment through proper nutrition and sleep in order to transition into the anabolic state.  Once that is achieved our bodies repair themselves and come back stronger (this how your build more muscle, when you recover).

You may have in the past been in a constant catabolic state, which is bad. Some symptoms of that include:

  • Chronic soreness
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of strength

This can be caused by confusing game day for a training day and is a surefire way to halt your hard-earned progress and may even send you on a backward trajectory.  If you are not allowing your body to positively respond to stress, your body will be forced to constantly play catch up.  If everybody is “game day,” you won’t be able to properly recover, and will likely burn out, both physically and mentally.

There is a belief in the fitness community that on the surface seems reasonable: if something is good for me then more of it is better. This is a logical fallacy.  In some cases, more is damaging.  In others, more is just that.  It’s more.  No better, but in fact worse.  Yes, of course occasionally you need more, but you can’t go all out all the time.

So with all this in mind get ready for Game days.  On these days, bring it.  But on training days, remember what you’re here for.  To get stronger, to stay healthy, and to hopefully have a little fun.


This weeks programming:

WARM-UP: (10 minutes)
400m Jog
Then: 2 rounds
50 slow single jump rope
50 tall single jump rope
25 each leg jump rope
Walking reverse lunge (one length)
Spider-Man crawl (one length)
PREP-WORK: (10 minutes)
Review front squat
10 minutes to work up to a challenging 3 rep Front Squat
STRENGTH : (20 minutes)
4 rounds: (if time permits)
3 reps Tempo Front Squats (41X2) (focus on the dynamic up)
Jumping Course
10 min AMRAP (ascending ladder)
Wall Ball
KB Swings
Rx: WallBall 20/14, KB 55/35.
Calf Smashing
Pancake breathing 2 minutes

Burgener Warm-up
5 reps at each position
Banded Pass Throughs
Banded OH Squats
Notes: https://youtu.be/HprZ_9SFjsw
4 rounds:
1:00 3 Wall Walks
:30 Right Single Arm OH Squat (DB/KB/SlamBall)
:30 Left Single Arm OH Squat
Notes: focus on range of motion and good positioning for both movements. Max reps of
OH Squat with appropriate weight.
Snatch Review
4 rounds
10 Power Snatches
20 Lateral Skater Jumps
30 sec rest
Rx 95/65, Fitness:65/35 NTY: DB snatch
Notes: Good movement quality. Goal is to pick a weight that you can do unbroken
snatches. Skaters should be smooth and dynamic. MUST touch the ground each side.
Spicy…. keep the back leg off the ground.
1 min of each
Single Leg Forward Fold
Twisted Cross

5 min sprinting drills.
High Knees
suicide sprints with a forward and backward run
Speed changes
Seated to sprinting
Then: 2 rounds of
10 Banded Press (band around the forearms)
10 Scorpions
10 Tuck Jumps
Review Press/Push Press/Push Jerk
Spend 5 mins with Double Under Practice
15 Strict Press
30 Abmat Sit Ups
30 Double Unders
25 Push Press
30 Sit Ups
30 Double Unders
35 Push Jerks
30 Sit Ups
30 Double Unders
Notes: RX 115/75 for all the movements. Scaling for Double Unders: 10 DU attempts then
60 singles or 10 Tall Jumps then 60 singles.
3 rounds: 30 sec each
Face Pulls
Weighted Planks (45/25)
Foam roll calves
Thorasic Rotations
Pigeon Pose

Thursday (game day)
5 min Running Warm
Then: 4 rounds of 30 sec in each position (8 min total)
Side plank – plank on elbows – side plank – hollow hold
STRENGTH: (17 minutes)
3-3-2-1-1 Deadlift with a 5 sec hold at the TOP.
Notes: Progressive build focusing on perfect form and good body position at the top.
FOCUS is time under tension. NO DROPPING. Weight should feel great moving it up but
challenging moving it down perfectly.
3 rounds for time!
400m Run
10 Deadlifts (225/155)
10 Pull Ups
Notes: GAME DAY WOD. Focus on pushing yourself beyond what is comfortable on the
run. Remember you get to rest afterward.
1 min at each
Thread the needle
Pancake position with nose breathing

15 min Muscle Up Progression or strict Muscle Ups
7 min AMRAP
Box Jumps Overs
Plate Ground to Overhead
—rest 3 minutes then…
7 min AMRAP
200m Sprint with a MedBall
20 Reach Squats with MedBall
Notes: https://youtu.be/F_sAow0VFks
Spicy version….keep the MedBall at arm’s length the entire set.
5 min spending time foam rolling.
Hips and upper back.




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