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Friday, May 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Brent E

May 19, 2017

45sec Row
15sec Rest
45sec DB Push Press (45/25lbs)
15sec Rest
45sec DB Row in Plank
15sec Rest
7 Rounds

45sec Row
15sec Rest
45sec DB Push Press
15sec Rest
45sec DB Row in Plank
15sec Rest
7 Rounds

Work/Rest intervals today done with a monostructural/light weight combo. More working than resting. It is a total of 21min, including the rest time. We didn’t include extra rest at the end of each round like we sometimes do because we want the rounds to keep rolling into each other to keep that cardio output high. We like to use the DB Rows because they allow us to sneak in more pulling by changing the plane of motion we are using to give the overhead pulling a break.

The row is for calories.

The push press is done with a set (2) of dumbbells. One in each hand. The DB row is done in a plank position, pulling one DB up to the armpit while being supported by the other hand holding onto the dumbbell. One row = one rep. So, one row on each side would = 2 reps. Make sure your athletes aim to hold a stable torso position and don’t start to rotate their body too much during the movement. Some movement is ok; it is the excessive hip and foot movement that we want to avoid.


(5min) Get Warm
With a light DB (10/15/20lbs), perform this complex:
4 Front squats + 4 sots press
4 Press + 5sec hold at the top of the movement
4 Thrusters
* Do one round with the right arm, then one round with the left arm.

Chosen as WOD: Fri,May 19,2017
1st196 :) Amber H Fri,May 19,2017
2nd268 Kassi J Fri,May 19,2017
3rd268 2Samantha Fri,May 19,2017
1st1171 Brent E Fri,May 19,2017
2nd269 Bryan L Fri,May 19,2017
3rd239 Roger R Fri,May 19,2017

Amber H196 :) Rx
Brad:)  Not Rx
Mirta:)  Not Rx
Devonet:)  Not Rx
Jay D210 Rx2 40#
Bryan L269 Rx
Roger R239 Rx
Kassi J268 Rx
Brent E1171 Rx meters
Samantha268 Rx2 20#
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