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Monday, Mar 20, 2017



40 Double Unders
8 Deadlift(115/75 lbs)
4 Hang Power Clean
AMRAP 8min

20 Single Unders
8 Deadlift  
4 Hang Power Clean
AMRAP 8min

A short AMRAP today. Monostructural combined with light lifting with low reps calls for some high intensity! Because today is a short workout, we will spend some time in the prep piece working up to a moderately heavy load with the Deadlift/Hang Power Clean complex, while working on some holds in that position. Getting some static work done with a moderate load is a good opportunity to build some strength through those movements and positions.


As many rounds as possible in 8min.

WOD Goal:

RX'D:Nice and simple instructions today. Go hard for the full 8min. Each round should be done unbroken and fast double unders and deadlift/hang power clean. Top performers should aim for over 14 rounds, which is nearly 2 per minute. Some athletes may hold that for a few minutes and then start to slow down towards the last few minutes, and others may be able to hold it over the 8min.

Fitness: Quick and unbroken on the singles . Should aim for about 8-10 rounds.

Chosen as WOD: Mon,Mar 20,2017
1st5+48 Samantha Mon,Mar 20,2017
2nd5+20 Amber H Mon,Mar 20,2017
3rd4 Jessie Mon,Mar 20,2017
1st8 Logan Mon,Mar 20,2017
2nd7+39 Jason N Mon,Mar 20,2017
3rd6 Roger R Mon,Mar 20,2017

Garrick3+49 reps Rx
Jennifer R4+46 Rx
Phil BRx
Roger RRx
Jason N7+39 Rx
Jay D4+38  Not Rx
Samantha5+48 Rx
Amber H5+20 Rx
Jeff G4+6 Rx
Chad W6+25 Rx2
Brandee4+30 Rx2 75lbs
Amaya7+25 Rx2
Jason Mo7+21 Rx2
Brent E6+21 Rx2
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