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Tuesday, Feb 21, 2017

Welcome Nathan M
NBCF Happy Hour this week- Tuesday 6-9pm Pour Haus



For time:
35 Pullups
15 Ring dips
800m run
15 Ring dips  
35 Pullups

Chosen as WOD: Tue,Feb 21,2017
1st18:52 Jennifer R Today!
2nd10:00Mirta Today!
3rd10:29Priscilla Today!
1st12:51 Jason W Today!
2nd14:31 Brad Today!
3rd14:52 Garrick Today!

Brad14:31 Rx
Chad W14:01  25 pull ups last round
Mirta10:00  Band, asst ring
Priscilla10:29  Ring row, bench, row
Jason W12:51 Rx
Phil B11:10  Wallball, burpees
Garrick14:52 Rx
Jennifer R18:52 Rx
Bowen12:23  20 Pullups, asst bar
Sydney P16:09  25-35 band Pullups, bench
Nathan M17:40  Green and blue band pull ups, green band ring dips
Amaya22:09  2green band, red and blue band bar dips
Anna B27:37  Blue and red pull ups, green bar dips, push ups for last set of pull ups
Jason Mo19:01  Blue/red, green band, bench dips
Bo21:40 Rx Row
John M16:42  Green band pull and bar
Brent E21:47  Green bar dips
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