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Jan 22nd-27th

//Jan 22nd-27th

Jan 22nd-27th

Welcome to a new week.

Program Highlight:


What is Sporthalle Bootcamp?

What do you think a boot camp is like?

Most people think a boot camp is a giant sweaty instructor running around screaming in your face while lady gaga plays.

That isn’t what we are.

This is a class for anyone. We understand that the skills and techniques that make CrossFit great take some time to develop. This program is designed to be less technical but still very intense. This is a great way to get into a new fitness lifestyle.

No experience required. You don’t need to “get in shape” to come to this program. Just show up and a coach will guide you through the workout.

New Braunfels CrossFit is proud to bring Sporthalle Bootcamp to the New Braunfels community. We’ve taken the basic principles of our training and created a program that fills a need here in New Braunfels. With our bootcamp you can show up and begin right away.

Curious? But still on the fence?

Sporthalle Bootcamp is a supportive community of people who want to grow to be better together. They push through the hard parts of the workouts but are always ready to give each other a high-five at the end. Come try a class and see!

How is Sporthalle Bootcamp different than CrossFit? Aren’t you guys a CrossFit gym?

We are. But we found a huge group of people that we couldn’t help. CrossFit is an amazing methodology but at times it can be intimidating or too technical for some people. Sometimes people just want to come in and sweat, hang out with some cool people and get home. All in under an hour! That’s where Sporthalle Bootcamp was born. Sporthalle Bootcamp is a great place to start your fitness journey or if you have been away from the gym for a while, it’s a great place to start back.

What is Sporthalle Bootcamp like?

Sporthalle Bootcamp is a program for people who are ready to get remarkable results.Through fun, challenging workouts with a group of friends. Our classes have professionals, mom’s, people who are taking their fitness journey to the next level.

What if Sporthalle Bootcamp is too intense?
We meet you where you are. Our coaches are great at scaling or finding the perfect challenge for you. You don’t need to “get in shape” for this Bootcamp. Just show up and be ready to work.

Be sure to grab one of  our Flyers from the front desk to give to a friend for a FREE WEEK  if they are curious.






Dumbbell Squat Cleans (50/35 lb.)
Ring Dips



Dumbbell Power Cleans
Box Dips

New You


Goblet Squat Clean

Box Dip

Our first reaction to this workout when we programmed it was … Barf! It still is! As if regular Elizabeth wasn’t bad enough. Add some heavy
dumbbells in there and well, we all know how that ends. The combination of the load and instability of the dumbbells coupled with the Ring
Dips makes this a really spicy workout.



Run 400 m
6 Rounds Bear Complex (PC+FS+PP+BS+PP) (115/75 lb.)
Row 500 m
6 Rounds Cindy (5 Pull-ups/10 Push-ups/15 Air Squats)


Run 400 m
6 Rounds Bear Complex (PC+FS+PP+BS+PP)
Row 500 m
6 Rounds Cindy (5 Ring Rows/10 Push-ups/15 Air Squats)

New You

Run 400 m
6 Rounds Bear Complex (PC+FS+PP+BS+PP)(Empty Bar)
Row 500 m
5Rounds Cindy (5 Ring Rows/10 Push-ups/15 Air Squats)

Quite the mash up of stuff in today’s workout. In our opinion, these are usually the most fun for people! We wanted a little bit of everything
today, so we have combined some monostructural with some light-moderate weightlifting and gymnastics. The intention of the workout
is to test capacity in all of these areas at low volumes and to see how people react—where they thrive and where they get slowed down.
We will spend 10 minutes working up to a heavy Bear Complex during the prep time. This will give athletes a little additional time under
tension and an opportunity to refine technique and the flow of the Complex. The point is to go as heavy as they can without being slowed
down too much during the 5 reps. They shouldn’t feel like they are going to fail.
One Bear Complex = 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Push Press + 1 Back Squat + 1 Push Press (from behind the neck). For today, they
cannot mash the movements together to make Thrusters. They need to be 5 separate movements.



2 Power Snatches (75+% 1RM)
AMRAP Double-unders for the
remaining time in 1min.
Rest 1 min.
10 rounds


4 Power Snatches
AMRAP Double-under practice for the remaining time in 1 min.
Rest 1 min.
10 rounds

New You

2 Single Arm DB Power Snatches
AMRAP Single-unders for the
Remaining time in 1 min.
Rest 1 min.
10 rounds

Today, the intention is to get you lifting a heavy load for multiple reps while under fatigue and to challenge what they can repeatedly
lift for 2 reps of a heavy Power Snatch in a time-sensitive domain. Every alternating minute they’ll perform Power Snatches, followed by
as many Double-unders as they can perform within the remaining time left of that minute. Then, they rest for 1 minute. They repeat that
for 10 rounds. The 1:1 work-rest ratio will help them recover and allow them to keep hitting the same numbers on their Power Snatches,
but it will take them the full minute to recover their breathing from the Double-unders.
Use the percentage as a rough guideline and have your athletes go on how they are feeling with the movement today.



100-m Farmers Walk (45/25 lb.)
3 Candlesticks
*Every round add 100 m to the
Farmers Walk + 3 Candlesticks
AMRAP 12 min.


100-m Farmers Walk
3 Candlesticks
*Every round add 100 m to the
Farmers Walk + 3 Candlesticks
AMRAP 12 min.


50-m Farmers Walk
3 Candlesticks
*Every round add 50 m to the
Farmers Walk + 3 Candlesticks
AMRAP 10 min.

Giving the shoulders a slight break from going overhead today with a Farmers Walk/Candlestick couplet. The loading is light for the Walks
with every round adding another 100 m. So, if they get to their eighth round, for example, they will be performing an 800-m Farmers Walk,
which is the reason we kept it light. We want the turnover for the rounds to be relatively quick and not stop anyone in their tracks while
they are walking. The dumbbells are held at their sides.
It’s been a pretty big week so far, so everyone’s central nervous system might need a little break from lifting heavy, going fast and in general,
performing a lot of reps. This is the perfect workout to be present but not necessarily need to put too much thinking power into


Squat Clean and Jerks

Heavy Clean-and-Jerk day. This is a fun workout and we think your athletes are going to enjoy it! It is a Friday, so some people might be
feeling the effects of the week, but as long as they take all that into account and don’t get too wrapped up in their actual numbers, they
should still perform really well. We like the increasing rep scheme because it gives everyone an opportunity to go heavy and get sweaty!
Make sure on those first few sets your athletes are going really heavy. Don’t let them ‘save’ themselves for the later sets.
The sets of 1, 3 and 5 do not need to be done touch and go. People can drop the weight after each rep and reset. They shouldn’t take longer
than 3-5 seconds to reset and go again, though. Otherwise, the set will not count. For the sets of 7-9-11, these do need to be done touch
and go. If they put the bar down, the set doesn’t count.
The Cleans need to be done with a full Squat. The Jerks can be either Push or Split.

Happy Week everyone. We made it.


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