1153 N Academy Ave, New Braunfels TX 78130

July 1st-6th

//July 1st-6th

July 1st-6th

Upcoming Events.


Our Luau coming up on July 7th!

Come one, come all.

It is our 1 year anniversary in our new building.

So to celebrate we are having a Luau. (Hawaiian shirts not required but strongly encouraged.)

The Luau will start at 930. Schedule of games/events coming soon.


A pig roast.
A potluck for sides ( Sign up on the clipboard) or at this link: https://tinyurl.com/ybrga8lm
A water balloon Fight.
A Limbo Competition.


A slip n slide

And several yard games.


We are all busy. How about spending a little 1 on 1 time with your spouse or loved one?

Come drop the kids off on Friday July 13th from 630pm-930pm We are doing a parents night out and best of all its a fundraiser for the Sporthalle Barbell Club Youth Team.

Cost is $30 Ages 5-12


This Weeks CrossFit Programming:



400m Run

Then 2 rounds

10 Kipping Swings

10 Kick Throughs

5/5 Windmills

5/5 DB Single Arm OH Squats

20 sec Side Plank x L/R



Review movements and scales.


STRENGTH: (15 mins)

30 sec at each station / 10 sec rest

Seated Face Pulls

Bicep Curls (bar)

Lateral Raises (DB)

Seated Arnolds Press (DB/KB)

Notes: Rotate exercises after each 30 secs until you complete 5 sets of each exercise. Pick a weight that you can move continually for the 30 sec period.



3 rounds for time!

10 Ring Push Ups

20 Wall Balls

30 Seated Rotating Slam Balls

200m Burden Run

Notes: Run with your WallBall.  Challenge yourself on the push ups. If you are short on rings, you can scale up to clapping push ups.



10 Lying Handcuffs

30 sec Down Dog

1 min Rolling Upper Back



2 rounds

30 sec Single Unders

30 sec super Slow Single Unders

Then 3 rounds w/ Empty Bar

5 Deadlift

5 Good Mornings

5 Back Squat

5 Strict Press

5 Cossack Squats (with or without the bar)



Review Clean Set Up and 1st pull.

Review good position during the pause.

Spend 5 minutes warming -up to ~45% of Deadlift or ~65% of clean.



Every 30 sec for 10 min.

Clean Grip Deadlift Partial Pull w/ 5 sec pause. (Progressive build)

Notes: Pause at the KNEE focusing on maintaining the best position. Don’t sacrifice form for heavier weight.


CONDITIONING: (Game Time! Record total reps of burpees and DUs)

4 min AMRAP

3 rounds

12 Deadlifts (rx: 95/65) (fitness: 75/45)

9 Hang Power Clean

6 Push Jerks

With the remaining time: max effort Burpees

Rest 4 min

4 min AMRAP

2 rounds

12 Deadlift (rx: 135/95) (fitness: 95/65)

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerks

With the remaining time: max effort Double Unders or Lateral Jumps Over Bar.

Pick a weight you feel comfortable moving. This is suppose to be fast bar cycling. DB/KB are an option.



1 min Single Leg Frog Pose

1 min Pigeon Pose

1 min Folding Straddle

WEDNESDAY (4th of July)


400m Run

3 rounds

10 Reverse Lunges

10 Scap Push Ups

10 Ring Rows

5 Down Dog Burpees

5 Runner Stretch



Review all the moments and talk about which movments are done in tandem and which are work/rest. This is a long one so give them plenty of time.


“1776” partner wod

1776m Row

17 Burpees*

76 DB Thrusters

17 Burpees

76 Pull Ups

17 Burpees

76 KB Swings

17 Burpees

76 Box Jumps

17 Burpees

76 Goblet Lunges

17 Burpees

Rx: 50/35

BURPEES – share the 17 reps BOTH athletes work at the same time.

ALL OTHER EXERCISES: one athlete works while the other rests, sharing the reps as needed. Pick a weight you feel comfortable moving.



1 min Hip Switch

1 min Couch Stretch

1 min Thread the Needle



5 min Ladder/Cone Work

Then, 3 rounds

W/ PVC pipe

5 Pass Throughs

5 Elbow Rotations

5 Strict Press

5 Front Squats

5 Push Up to Down Dog



Review Scale for Dips



4 rounds

5-7 Double KB/DB Push Jerk

Rest 30 sec

7-10 Dips (weighted if possible)

Rest 60 sec

Notes: challenge yourself on the push jerk. Find a challenging weight.



3 rounds

30 sec Max Effort V-Ups

Rest 30 sec

30 sec Hanging Knees (keep knees above hips, add a WallBall for an extra challenge)

Rest 30 sec




10 min AMRAP

50’ Front Rack double KB Carry

10 Pike Push Ups or 7 Strick HSPU

20 Walking Lunges

Notes: Work to maintain neutral wrist position on the Kb carries. Don’t let the KB rest on your shoulders…..that’s cheating. LUNGES: kbs will be in the farmer carry position.



1 min at each

Shoulder Box Stretch

Wrist mobility

Banded OH Shoulders

Thoracic Rotations



5 min Sprint Work

Then 3 rounds

10 Cat/Camel

10 Push Ups

10 Walking Samson

10 Walking Squats



1 set empty bar FS

10 elbow rotations

1 set dynamic FS

20 sec hold in the bottom



Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

Spend 15 minutes working up to a heavy 3 rep Front Squat (tempo 31X1)

Notes: tempo over weight. NOT looking for a new PR.



200m Run

30 Alternting DB Snatch

400m Run

30 Pull Ups

200m Run

30 Toes to Bar

400m Run

30 Thrusters

Notes: Rx (kb 50/35) (bar45/35)

15 min cap



2 mins Thoracic Flow

1 min Hip Switch

1 min Child Pose

Foam roll and lacrosse ball.


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