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July 23rd-July 28th

//July 23rd-July 28th

July 23rd-July 28th

Welcome to a new week.


Quick Take: Practice takes practice.

“Practice even what seems impossible. The left hand is useless at almost everything, for lack of practice. But it guides the reins better than the right. From practice.”-Marcus Aurelius

This week you have a simple call to action for you from Marcus Aurelius, to improve at something you’re not naturally good at.


Think about all the things you’re good at. There was maybe a time you weren’t good at them, right? But you worked at it. So let’s consciously take that process and apply it to where we need it most. You can work on speaking more clearly, letting things go, treating others generously, maybe breathing when you do toes to bar, or finally coming to a complete stop when you hit that stop sign at Walnut. Whatever it is, pick something and work at it today—the harder, the better. Every day, in any and every situation, walk in with something you’d like to improve on. It’s a surefire way for self-improvement, by definition. Tell someone you are working on it and get feedback from them on your performance and maybe learn something.


This approach is also the marrow of “The Obstacle is the Way”  by Ryan Holiday. It explores the philosophy of Stoicism. It is probably my favorite book and the book I recommend the most to people. Each obstacle, everything that goes wrong is simply an opportunity to practice a virtue—to give you a chance to work with your non-dominant hand. One obstacle gives you a chance to practice controlling your temper, another perseverance, another a chance to take a long walk through the park.

Try it this week.


This week CrossFit Programming

New Braunfels Crossfit July


1. Fun – good atmosphere, interesting workouts, healthy competition.

2. Clean Progressions including accessories to improve position in the clean and a stronger squat.



5 min /dynamic & sprint work

2 rounds

10/10 Banded Lying Clam Shells

10 Banded Squats

2 rounds

5/5 Muli-Directional Lunges (forward/side/back)

5 Down Dog Burpees

PREP-WORK: (5 minutes)

Wrist prep

2 sets warm-up Front Squat

STRENGTH: (15 mins)

4 rounds

3 rep 3 sec Pause Front Squat (tempo 23×1)

Superset w/

3 Tall Box Jumps or 3 Seated Box Jumps

Rest 2 mins

Notes: Tempo is more important than weight. Focus on good bottom position and don’t collapse. Think about jumping out of the bottom.


200m Run

20 Burpee Box Jumps

300m Run

30 Box Jumps

400m Run

40 Weighted Step Ups

300m Run

30 Box Jumps

200m Run

20 Burpee Box Jumps

Notes: Rx (50/30) Fitness (35/20) Push your run! Scale the box height so you feel comfortable completing 10 reps unbroken when tired.


1 min each

Pigeon Pose

Hip Switch




400m Run

3 rds

10 Kipping Swings

10 Push Ups

5/5 Windmills

10 Wall Balls


5 mins to work-up to a working set.

Review Dip modifications.


3 sets

6-8 reps Push Jerk -with a 5 sec hold on last rep of each set.

Rest 30 secs

5-10 Dips

Rest 90 secs

Notes: Focus on good position on the OH Hold, keep a strong core and be aware of bar alignment.


8 min AMRAP

10 Toes to Bar

10 Single Arm DB/KB Thruster (add 2 reps each round)

Notes: Rx (50/35) Fitness (35/20)

Total reps for the Thrusters and divide them as you feel necessary. Focus on controlling your breath as your reps grow.


1 min Prayer Stretch

1 min Thread the Needle

1 min Supine Twist Pose



5 min Sprint practice

Then: 10 min

Barbell Clean Warm-Up


Review complex.

3 sets of practice.


Every 2 min for 16 min

4 Hault Clean Deadlift (at knee)

3 Clean High Pulls

2 Power Cleans

1 Clean

Notes: GOAL – Focus on pulling the bar back to the hip (thigh contact) vs pushing your hips forward.


150 KB Swings (5 min Cap)

Rx: 55/35

Notes: Fun little burner for your hamstrings and grip. Think of quick efficieant movement.


Lizard Pose


Upper Thoracic Foam Rolling



3 rounds

25 Double Unders

10 Scap Push Ups on Elbows

5/5 Single Arm Ring Rows

10 Pass Throughs Banded

10 Pull Aparts


Spend time setting up rings height and testing out 1st position.


Part 1. 3 max sets 3 Position Ring Rows

Part 2. Tabata Banded Push Ups

Notes: Rings Rows- example: 1st position feet elevated, 2nd feet on floor, 3rd position feet under rig.Once you reach your maximal rep in each position move to the easier position without loosing posture. Minimum of 5 reps in each position and Maximum of 15. If you can do more than 15 then make adjustment before next round.

Push Ups- find a band or scale that you feel confident completing 5 reps.

CONDITIONING: (15 min time CAP)


Push Press

50m Farmer Carry

Rx:115/80 Fitness: 95/65

Notes: Pick a weight that you can go unbroken on the first round but it should be a challenge.


1 min of each

Lying Quad Stretch

Gentle Shoulder Bridge

Lying Scopion



Station Warm-Up

1 min @ each for 2 rounds


MTN Climber


Kick Throughs

Bear Crawl


Review Movements


Hero WOD “Rankel”

20min AMRAP

6 Deadlifts

7 Burpee Pull Ups

10 KB Swings

200m Run/250m Row

Notes: Rx 225/155 Eat this whale one bite at a time. Focus only on the round you are completing. For an extra challenge rotate each round between the run and the row.


Foam roll and lacrosse ball for 5 minutes.





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