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June 11-16th Are you ready for the summer?

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June 11-16th Are you ready for the summer?

Welcome to the Summer.

Its summer-time.  Stay tuned for upcoming events.   Such as….

Our Luau coming up on July 7th!

Come one, come all.

It is our 1 year anniversary in our new building.

So to celebrate we are having a Luau. (Hawaiian shirts not required but strongly encouraged.)

The luau will start immediately after the 930 FREE community Workout.


A pig roast.
A potluck for sides ( Sign up on the clipboard)
A water balloon Fight.
A Limbo Competition.
And several yard games.



This week’s Programming:

New Braunfels Crossfit
1. Fun – good atmosphere, interesting workouts, healthy competition.
2. Week 6 of our 8 week Wendler Deadlift training cycle.
3. This month we will be spending more time on the gymnastic movements such as
handstands, bar work, single leg squats, planks and hollow holds.
400m Run
Then 3 rounds
10/10 Single Arm Deadlifts
10 Goblet Lunges
10 Rollie Pollie
30 sec Deadbug
Deadlift movement prep
3 sets to build up to first set.
STRENGTH : (15 min)
1 set every 3 mins for a total of 9 minutes.
5 Deadlifts @ 75%
3 Deadlifts @ 85%
1+ Deadlifts @ 95% (coaches notes)
Notes: Last week of Wendler Deadlift cycle. Coach has the option to let the STRENGTH
continue for 12 minutes and allow people to add two more singles (1) to attempt a new
deadlift PR.
4 rounds for time!
500m Row/400m Run (Alternate each round)
20 Wall Balls
20 Box Jumps
Notes: RX 20/14 24’/20’
20 min TIME CAP!
3 min IDO Squat
1 min couch stretch
3 rounds
30 sec Slow Single Unders
10 Scap Pull Ups
10 Pike Push Ups
10 Pull Aparts
10 Shoulder Bridges
Demo different scales for L-Sit and Wall Walks
12 min EMOM
8-10 L Single Arm DB/KB Row
8-10 R Single Arm DB/KB Row
3-4 Wall Walks
20 sec L-sit or straddle leg floor raises
Notes: Go heavy enough on the row that you are reaching failure on the last rep.
Maintain good shoulder stability and do not rotate through the thoracic spine. Don’t rush
the Wall walks. Find a good scale that not only challenges your midline but your arm
stability as well.
21-15-12-9 reps for time
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Push Press
200m Run
Rx 95/65
Notes: Pick a weight that you can move soundly and fast. This is a fast one so don’t jog,
go all out on the run! YES, you must run after each set of push press.
1 min each
Box Shoulder Stretch
T-Spine Opener
Groups of 2 or 3
One person rows 300m while the other either rest or performs the exercise. Rotate until
each athlete has rowed 3 times and done each of the following.
1. Single Arm KB Swing (alternating)
2. Mountain Climber Kick Back
3. Cossack Squat
2-3 warm-up sets out working weight for RFESS
Review scales for Dragon Flag.
STRENGTH: (15 min)
4 rounds of
6-8 Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats (22×1) (each leg)
3-5 Dragon Flags
Notes: Athlete’s choice on weight position. Find a weight that is challenging to complete
the designated reps at tempo.
– more advanced front rack weight either barbell or KB/DB
– newer athlete or athlete with balance challenges KB/DB in a farmer carry.
6 rounds for time!
10 Hang Single Arm Clusters (KB or DB)
10 Pull Ups
Rest 30 sec
Rx:55/35 (C2B if possible) Fitness: 35/26
Notes: Cluster = Squat Clean Thruster but with a KB. You can switch arms as needed or
change each round. Up to the athlete. Jumping C2B pull ups are recommended for the
scale or ring rows.
1 min of each
IDO Squat Routine
Pigeon Pose
5 min Sprint practice
Then: 2 rounds
30 sec Bear Crawl
10 Single Arm Ring Rows
10 Kick Throughs
10 Bottoms Up KB Press
Pass Throughs
Difference between strict press and push press.
Part 1.
15 minutes to find 1 rep Max for Strict Press
Recommended progression: 5-3-3-2-1-1-1
Notes: do not rest the elbows on the floor during the 2 sec pause. FOCUS on the
dynamic UP of the movement.
Part 2:
Rest 1 minute after finding you 1rm strict press then perform 1 SET of AS MANY REPS AS
POSSIBLE of Push Press with the strict press weight.
Record both numbers.
10 min AMRAP
Alternating DB Snatch
20’ Single DB Bear Crawl
20’ Single DB Bear Crawl
Notes: Rx 50/35 Fitness 40/20
Traverse one length of the floor and compete your snatches then traverse back and
complete your burpees. Keep moving and find a good rhythm for the reps.
Upper Thoracic Foam Rolling
Foam Roll Lats
4 rounds of
Suicide Sprint
5 Push Ups
10 Jumping Lunges
15 MTN Climbers
3 rounds: 40 sec work/20 sec rest
Hollow Rocks
Front Planks
Side Planks -L
Side Plank -R
Review Movements
20 min AMRAP
Athlete A: 100m OverHead Plate Carry and 100m Sprint
Athlete B: Max Reps MAN-MAKERS
Rx: 45/25 plate 50/35 Fitness: 35/12 (slamball) 40/20
Notes: the weight will move from on start and be placed by on athlete at the 100m mark
and then the next athlete will sprint to get the plate and carry it back overhead.
Spend 1 min in each position: ring plank, ring support, static hold above the bar.
Foam roll and lacrosse ball for 5 minutes.


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