1153 N Academy Ave, New Braunfels TX 78130

June 3rd – June 7th

//June 3rd – June 7th

June 3rd – June 7th

Remember the seed I planted…

…on blog post May 20th – May24th about cold water showers? I told you I was coming to water it. We’ve also got a nutrition seed to water (we might get to that next week).

Let’s talk about hitting that reset button and what the cold has to do with it. My wife, Tiffany, and I along with our good buddy Juan own a couple different companies offering multiple services. Tiff runs everything behind the curtain while also running the clinical side of Texas Oncology’s many clinics spread across the middle of Texas. We’re busy. We crush from sun up to sun down and then some…all with the utmost quality. Nothing less.

People think we’re nuts. People are afraid we’ll get burned out. No one seems to understand how we maintain our momentum. My CPA told me I need to chill…

That’s funny…

I thought that’s what we were doing. 😉

We hit the reset button. A lot.

Every morning before it all starts…breath work and dousing. Throughout every moment of the day….breath work. Every night when it all ends…breath work and cold showers. And then the end of the week comes…ice baths, time spent alone in the river, camping trips on the beach (because not much compares to being in the open ocean at 11:30 at night under the moon and stars while that voice in the back of your head reminds you that Mother Nature can have her way with you at any moment…but your faith in her keeps you there. 😉 )

We reset hard.

I know…you don’t have time Face With Rolling Eyes on Apple iOS 12.2. Neither do we, but it’s this very thing that keeps us crushing. It keeps us pushing forward at a violent pace. We make time for it and we never deviate.

“What’s with the cold?”

The physiological benefits run through the roof and we’ll get to that in due time, but more importantly…the benefits to the mind are absolutely incredible. I tell everyone I run into, “we do it because we don’t want to.” Next thing you know, you’re shoulder deep, maybe head under, and you realize…you CAN create your own world. You realize it’s nothing more than a sensation. You’ve been practicing relaxing through breath work so there is no threat. You DO have control of yourself…every part of yourself down to the cellular level. You CAN use your mind to reset your entire system.

I aim to prove this to you. Every Friday at 6pm, people meet at my house, my personal training grounds, to get in on this. I am personally inviting you to join us. The cost: at least 5-6 bags of ice.

We move around a little and then finish up in these ice tubs…

“You must recover as hard as you train.” – Dr Donovan Fogt

Shoot me a text or a phone call for more info or directions.

Jason Kilgore

Healthy Habits Challenge

This Friday, June 7th, Coach Ellie Ambs will be signing people up for a 6 week Healthy Habits Challenge that will include prizes.

Stay tuned!

Details to come!

Next Event – June 21st

(Click picture for more info)

A night to help bring the Crossfit community together with some good old fashion competition. We will run a heat style workout with a tie breaker workout at the end.

Hope to see everyone there ready to support their gym!

-Men’s and Women’s RX and scaled divisions
-1st Place prizes
-Fizzy water and beer for spectators


I told you last week we were handing out gifts for referrals! Bring a friend or family member in who signs up for a membership and we’re handing you a crispy 50 dollar bill!

You heard it here.

Bring ’em in!

Class Schedule

Weekly Workload

Your weekly workload can be found on the Train Heroic app. This is a free training app that we’ve been using for quite sometime now. Through the app, you will not only be able to see your weekly programming, but you’ll also be able to track your progress. Think of it like a journal, but cooler. 😉

You’ll need to do an app search for “Train Heroic” on your phone. The app looks like this…

Once you download the app, you’ll need to create an account and your access code will be “newbraunfels.”

If you have any issues, please email us at info@newbraunfelscrossfit.com.


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