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Build your bucket (Mar 5th- 10th)

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Build your bucket (Mar 5th- 10th)


Have some brunch! Then come to Yoga!


By Logan Christiansen

Build your bucket: the importance of a proper foundation

I’m a storyteller. Plain and simple. I think it comes from 2 places.  First, as a child my grandparents always told me “tall tales.”  Second, my father (who was an Air Force navigator instructor) always explained things in really long winded convoluted metaphors.  In the spirit of me becoming a dad myself, here is a long-winded metaphor to describe a seemly easy topic.



Let’s start with a metaphor.  In this metaphor, you are a hired hand and I’ve hired you to move a big pile of sand.  The only tool I’ve given you is a small plastic bucket, but I tell you that you can walk 10 minutes (each way uphill in the snow) to get a larger steel bucket if you want.  Excited to get to work, you start moving the sand little by little with the plastic bucket.

Quickly, you get in a rush and you break your plastic bucket.  You try to hold your little bucket together while you walk but it’s no use.  There is sand everywhere.  You sit for a minute and then decide to duct tape this bucket back together.  It takes you 30 minutes to do that, and you start back to work.  But it’s not the same, and as they say, you can’t go home again. Your ruptured sad little bucket is trying its best to lug that sand every trip but it just can’t.  It’s not strong enough.

Despite this, you are determined. I mean you are a sand moving fool.  You trudge your flimsy little bucket through the sand and it breaks again.  All in all, you spend 6 hours moving that pile of sand.  At this point, you have forgotten my initial offer of the uphill walk to get the steel bucket.  So instead of taking a 20-minute break and walking to get the steel bucket, you just kept breaking that plastic one and take at least 1 hour fixing that stupid bucket.

What have we learned here?  Well firstly, that my metaphors are really long-winded.

However, the real lesson here is when you translate this (really long, painful) metaphor to strength training.  Your technique is your bucket.  Either you can choose the right bucket, to begin with, and get a “slower” start by building fundamentals, or you can continue to duct tape that plastic bucket back together every time you break it (or get injured, or take a “shortcut” on a movement or workout).

The real lesson here is that if you begin your weight training and you spend time developing your technique (your bucket) then you can save yourself a lot of frustration, and potentially, injuries.

You see, there is a serious issue plaguing the CrossFit and strength training community: injuries, specifically preventable injuries.

We all see it all too often in the gym.  People become obsessed with chasing numbers. They get a little skill with the barbell and think they are God’s gift to weightlifting

We all see it all too often in the gym.  People become obsessed with chasing numbers. They get a little skill with the barbell and think they are God’s gift to weightlifting.  They continue to add weight, even when they know their technique is poor.  Often, it takes an injury to get an athlete to wake up from their “Gainz stupor.” While I know this may sound harsh, I also know that’s true because it has happened to me (more than once).

Usually, these injuries occur because of a few different reasons:

  1. Insufficient warm-up
  2. Bad technique
  3. Lifting heavier than your abilities and never recovering
  4. A terrible combination of the three I call “Ego Lifting”

I could write a whole post about the details of injury prevention, but here’s the bottom line (at least for this post): if you take the time to “build your bucket,” learn technique and check your ego at the door, then you won’t become a hobbled together plastic bucket.  Instead, you can be that strong steel bucket that not only can get the job done, but can be passed down from generation to generation (much like this ridiculous metaphor).



This week’s Crossfit Programming:

2 min of Jump Rope (coaches choice)
Then, 3 rounds of
10 Banded Press (black band)
10 Scap Push Ups
30 sec each arm Waiter Carry
10 Rolly Pollie
10 Pass Throughs
Review movements (press and push press)
10 empty bar Press and 5 Push Press
Spend 15 minutes finding you
1 rep Max on Strict Press
(Recommended progression 5-3-3-2-1-1-1)
Rest 2 minutes after finding 1rm Strict Press and then complete 1 set of max reps of Push
Press at that weight.
3 rounds for time:
20 KB/DB Alt. Front Rack Step Ups (55/35)
7 Shoulder to Overhead
7 C2B Pull-Ups
50m Farmer Carry
Rx: KB 55/35, Fitness: DB/KB 40/25 dB, chin over bar pull up or jumping C2B NTY: DB
scale appropriately, Ring Rows.
Notes: Be careful on the step down from the box. Maintain good posture and bracing
during the step-down.
1 min of each
Couch Stretch
Smashing Forearms

Cone Course:
Banded Monster Walks
Bear Crawl
Crab & Duck walk
30 sec Caveman Back Squat focusing on posture
Warm-up to 70% with 5 @ 45% 5 @ 55% 5 @ 65%
Adjust strength weight as needed.
Every 90 secs for 9 minutes (6 set)
3 reps Back Squat (tempo 41X1)
6/6 Dynamic Split Jumps
NTY: 3 sec Pause Reaching Squat with Plate for 5 reps (tempo 43X1).
Notes: BS weight should be around 70% of max BS. Last rep should be challenging to
move fast out of the hole.
Split Jumps perform 6 on one leg and then switch – jump and touch your feet together for
spicy, milder is the normal jumping lung.
5 min AMRAP
1,000m Row or 800m Run
Max Burpees
-rest 5 min-
5 min AMRAP
20 Slam Balls
20 Wall Balls (20/12)
NTY: 800m row or 400m Run. 10 reps of Slam Ball and Wall Balls.
Notes: Try to catch the slamball on the bounce. Keep good neutral back position. Goal of
unbroken Wall Balls.
5 minutes:
Hip Switch
Candle Stick

3 min of Sprint Work
Then 2 rounds of
10 Pull Aparts
10 Banded Pass Throughs
30/30 sec Side Plank
10 Pike Push Ups
10 Goblet Squats
4 rounds of
3 Wall Walks with 30 sec hold on the last one
20 DB Bench Press
20 Barbell Row Supinated Grip
Notes: 20 reps will get spicy fast so pick a lighter weight in the first round. You can
always adjust later. Maintain a good flat back and active shoulders. Barbell will NOT
bounce off the ground. The bar will pass just under the knee.
12 min AMRAP
200m Sprint
6 Turkish Get Ups
Notes: Focus on pushing the sprint. Take your time with the TGUs. Pick a weight that is
easy to control. DB or KB.
Walk 200m
Roll Upper Thoracic
Roll IT Band
Calf Stretches

Thursday (game day)
400m Run
Then 3 rds of
30 sec Banded Goodmornings
30 sec X-walks
30 sec Ring Rows
1 x length Toy Soldier
Review Deadlift
Empty Bar work then
2 set to warm up to first working set.
8-6-4-10 reps
Superset with Banded 2-point Plank Pulls
Rest 2 min between sets
NTY: reset grip after each rep.
Notes: Adjust weight each round. Perfect movement. NO dropping or bouncing.
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps
Squat Clean (135/95)
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps
Toes To Bar
Notes: NTY – med ball cleans or goblet squats with knees to belly button.
1 min at each
Couch Stretch
Single Leg Frog Stretch

Animal Relay
Notes: have fun and laugh a lot.
This is a long wod and takes a while to set up so have each person grab their gear and
then walk through each movement for 5 reps.
“Filthy Fifty”
50 Box Jumps
50 Jumping Pull Ups
50 KB Swings
50 Walking Lunges
50 Knees to Elbows
50 Push Press
50 Back Extension
50 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
50 Burpees
50 Double Unders
(30 min Cap)
5 min spending time
Hanging out and planning
On how to take over the



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