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March 11th – 15th

//March 11th – 15th

March 11th – 15th

Hello Fam!

We’re moving into a new week. March is already here. Spring will be here any day now. A whole new crop of greatness awaits you. If you don’t slow down, it’ll be December before you know it. If you’re not careful, you’ll wake up one day and wonder where all of your time went. You can do something about that, ya know?

You can slow down. You can take it all in…whatever IT is. Breathe, Move, Relax. You have 5 senses. When was the last time you took a serious minute to utilize and appreciate those senses?

You run through life and never smell anything unless you’re cued to do so. Can you even taste anything anymore? Or has the taste of artificial foods, chemicals, sugar, fast food, etc numbed you to what real food tastes like? Do you even remember what the texture of a tree feels like? What about the Earth under your feet? Have you taken your shoes off and felt the grass lately? Or have you become so fearful of everything around you that you feel the need for a barrier between your skin and the Earth that brought you the very life you’re fortunate enough to live?

What about sight? Sure, you see the traffic on the way to work, the concrete, the asphalt, the buildings, the inside of your home. I have no doubt, you get plenty of screen time in, but when was the last time you looked up and took in the world around you? You’re missing out on so much. Did you know New Braunfels is home to a handful of Mexican Eagles AKA the Crested Caracara? A truly majestic creature, a monogamous bird of prey that is never found far from its mate. Look up. Find a pair of these hunters this week. They’re absolutely stunning.

The trip to your vehicle every morning from your house…sure it’s only a few steps, but do you ever slow down enough to hear what’s going on around you? All too often, my wife, Tiffany, has me open the bedroom window in the early morning so we can hear the morning birds sing their song. Spring is near. The world is coming back to life. Open those windows and pay attention. Between the Mourning Dove, Cardinals, Mockingbirds, etc, you’ll hear an orchestra out there. It’s been right in front of you your entire life. Don’t miss anymore of it. 😉

Slow time down by slowing your thoughts down.

I’ll expand on that next week. Until then, train hard, recover harder, and be well!

Community Workout – March 23rd

Don’t forget about the Community Workout March 23rd! We’re looking to gather as many as possible for our promotional shoot. Wear your favorite Sporthalle gear and be ready to work!

See you there!

Personal Training

As you are well aware…we have excellent options for group training. I want to remind you that each one of us offers Personal Training. We’re not a “Globo-Gym.” We’re not here to sell you a few thousand dollars in Personal Training and hope that you let all of those sessions expire. We’re here to help you get better.

If you’re having an issue that would be better served in a one on one, or even small group setting, grab a session or two from one of us. We offer 30 and 60 minute sessions and can accomplish quite a bit in very little time.

What kind of issues would warrant a one on one session?

You tired of beating up those forearms during Kettlebell work? How about those Oly lifts? Maybe you need 30 minutes of strength or conditioning work? Or maybe you just want to show up with a pen and paper and get some nutritional consulting. Whatever the case, we can help. Let us know!

Class Schedule

This week’s workload…


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