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March 18th – 22nd

//March 18th – 22nd

March 18th – 22nd

Sporthalle Fam!

I hope this newsletter finds you well. I also hope you had a great Spring Break with the family and you enjoyed AAALLL of the things!

Last week I made a statement about slowing time down and how you can do that by slowing your thoughts down. Let’s talk about that…

I’m sure every one of us has been guilty of saying “why do the weekends go by so fast, yet the week seems to drrraaaaag on forever.” Have you ever wondered why that is? Ever wondered why Saturday and Sunday seem to speed by like a brand new Lambo, but Monday and Tuesday never want to end?

Imagine being on the lake with friends. The sun is out, your best bud is behind the boat completely shredding his or her new wakeboard. Maybe a few of you have some adult beverages (maybe you don’t). Everyone is getting their much needed dose of Vitamin D; enormous smiles on faces; music sneaking through the speakers in the background, the day couldn’t get any better. You end it with a bonfire at the lake house under a clear starlit night. Cousin Mike is acting a fool as he mans the BBQ pit.

You never want this day to end. Everything is perfect, except for one thing…

You didn’t slow time down.

“That’s not even possible!”

No, it’s not. I understand that. The Earth doesn’t spin at different speeds just because you want it to. However, your perception of time can change drastically depending on how you receive the stimuli around you. You see, when you’re in the middle of having the best weekend of your life, you’re receiving a stimulus overdose. You’re having such a great time and you’re taking everything in so fast, you’re hardly processing the scene in front of you. There’s way too much going on and before you know it, you’re at your desk Monday morning.

You’re working on a mundane task you could care less about. A task that’s going to take you quite a bit of time and the day just. will. not. end. Your focus is on one, maybe, two things and one of those things is the clock. The stimulus load is much less than it was Saturday and Sunday and time has seriously slowed down. Did someone slow the rotation of the Earth? Of course, not. You’re processing fewer things…your perception of time has changed.

It should be fairly obvious where the key to this riddle lies. I’m giving you a week to think and breathe on it and then we’ll talk about how we can make those weekends, you love so much, last a little longer. ūüėČ

Community Workout – March 23rd

Don’t forget about the Community Workout on March 23rd at 930am!

We’ll have videographers/photographers in so wear your favorite Sporthalle gear!

6 Week Challenge

We wanted to “give you the scoop” on a challenge we are having for Non-Members, in the event you know someone who could use our services: family, friends, coworkers, etc. For the next two weeks, we are scheduling and conducting interviews. The challenge starts April 1st.

This is a Best Self Challenge. Whatever the goal, we’re here to see to it that whoever is involved starts on the right path to achieve that goal.

Remember, this is for Non-Members. If you know someone who could use help getting their health and fitness in order, please share this blog post with them! They can sign up for an interview by clicking “Apply Now” on the picture below!

Class Schedule

This week’s workload…


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