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March 4th – March 8th

//March 4th – March 8th

March 4th – March 8th


Hello Sporthalle Family!

We have just a couple things to talk about this week! For starters, thank you for trusting us with your health, fitness, and performance needs. I’m not sure we tell you guys enough so I wanted to remind you, it means the world to us that you put your faith in our knowledge and programming. As you all know, each and every one of us are extremely passionate about educating people. We take it very serious and are super stoked that you continue to choose us as your go to.


March 23rd – Community Workout

Recently, we sent out an email letting you know about the Community Workout on Saturday, March 23rd. We will have a couple people operating cameras in the gym collecting content so we can showcase all that we offer at Sporthalle. We would love for you to be there rocking your favorite Sporthalle, Barbell Club, NBCF, Daily Grind, Fit4Life, or Trident Strength gear.


Foundations of Human Movement

We have a new class available to all who are currently paying for the unlimited membership. This class, Foundations of Human Movement, is offered by me (Jason Kilgore, if we haven’t met) and geared towards just that…human movement. It is not meant to replace anything you are currently doing, but rather serves as a supplement to whatever that thing is. It doesn’t matter what that thing is…this philosophy plugs any and all holes in that thing. It makes that thing better.¬† ūüėČ

If we were to look at the spectrum of human development/movement, I think we would all agree, we breathe before anything, we roll over before we crawl, we crawl before we walk, we walk before we run, etc, etc. Modern technologies and lifestyles (especially in Western societies) have ripped our alignment from us. We don’t breathe the same. Our movement is questionable. Our understanding of posture, balance, etc has become very skewed.

You may be great at that thing you do, but I would argue…you could be better.

That’s not bold…that’s truth.

I invite you to try one of these classes. I invite you to ask tons of questions, give me your concerns, and let’s discuss how you can become better at whatever it is you do…a better human. Weight lifting, CrossFit, bodybuilding, MMA, wrestling, sports performance, stress relief, anxiety/depression, swimming, cycling, etc…it doesn’t matter, there is an answer for all of it.


Class Schedule


And now, your weekly programming…


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