1153 N Academy Ave, New Braunfels TX 78130

May 14th-19th

//May 14th-19th

May 14th-19th

Coming up fast.

Handstand Clinic and Memorial Day Murph.

Wanna work on your Handstand?

Then you are in luck.  Our own Ellie Ambs is going to be hosting not one but two clinics.

This is a 3 hr clinic with Ellie Ambs. You may have seen her in class but you might not know that she is a level, 10 gymnast

You will learn and work on handstand techniques

One clinic is once a week at 6 am on the following Wednesdays May 16th, May 23rd, and May 30th

And the second clinic is once a week at 530pm on the following Mondays June 25th, July 2nd, July 9th.

Cost: $100 for Members of Sporthalle and $150 for Non-Members

Sign up by sending an email to Info@newbraunfelscrossfit.com with the subject line ” Make me upside down”.

see our facebook event page HERE for more information

Memorial Day Murph

May 26th

Sporthalle opens at 8 am

Warmup  and Opening Ceremony starts at 830am

First Heat at 9 AM (RX with/w/o)
Second Heat 9:20 AM(1/2 Murph)
Third Heat 9:40 AM (Partner)
(We will be closed Monday Memorial Day)

We will also have  Taco and Turkey legs for sale



see our facebook event page HERE for more information

Recommended Reading:

This week I’m going to recommend this blog post by one of my favorite authors Ryan Hoilday. It is a quick read on ego and 25 ways to help kill your ego and get ahead in life. – Logan

Read that article HERE.


CrossFit Programming:

New Braunfels Crossfit
1. Fun – good atmosphere, interesting workouts, healthy competition.
2. Prepare athletes for Murph at the end of the month. Last big week of buildup
before next a reload week leading into Murph.
3. Week 3 of our 8 week Wendler Deadlift training cycle.

5 min /dynamic & sprint work
Then: 3 rds
10 Cossack Squats (each side)
5 Tempo Wall Squats (5351)
10 Hanging Knee Raises (how high can you get them)
10 Tuck Jumps
Review Back Squat
Empty Bar – 5 speed BS – 5 tempo BS – 5 speed BS – 5 tempo BS (4241)
15 minutes to work up to a Heavy Single Back Squat (not a 1rm)
Every 3 mins for 9 mins
5 Back Squat @ 85% of heavy single
8 Back Squat @ 70% of heavy single
10 Back Squat @ 50% heavy single
Notes: Perform all 23 reps every 3 minutes for a total of 3 sets. HEAVY SINGLE: is not a 1
rep MAX. It should be challenging but still fast standing it up.
10 min AMRAP
Ascending Ladder
KB Swing
Box Jump Overs
Rx: 70/55 Fitness: 55/35
Notes: Challenge yourself on the KB swings. Use something heavier than normal.
3 min IDO Squat Routine

400m Run
Then: 2 rounds
25m Broad Jumps
25m Bear Crawl
25m Rotating Samson Stretch
5 Tempo Push Ups (43×1)
*Nasal Breathing Only
10-15 Banded Bench Press (light DBs)
Focusing on speed and good control.
STRENGTH: (16 min)
10-8-6-4-8 reps
Bench Press
Superset with 10/10 Rotating Pallof Presses
Notes: Good controlled bench press with a pause at the bottom (no bouncing off the
200m KB/DB Waiter Carry
– every 25m 10 Push Jerks and switch arm.
Then immediately into 1 mile run!
Rx:50/35 Fitness: 35/26
Notes: Maintain good posture on the Waiter Carry. Push yourself on the RUN! Record you
run time.
1 min of each
Downward Facing Dog
Wrist Mobility

5 minutes of Double Under Work or
Flight Simulator
3 rounds:
5 Frog Jumps
5 Tempo Goblet Squats (slow and controlled)
10 Goat Belly
10 Rollie Pollie
Review movement and 2 warm-up sets.
STRENGTH: (wk 3)
1 set every 3 minutes for 9 minutes.
5 reps Deadlift @ 75%
3 reps Deadlift @ 85%
1+ reps Deadlift @95%
Notes: As many reps as possible on the last set at 95% with PERFECT form. Record
number of reps!
10 rounds for time.
5 Push Ups
10 Wallballs
100m Burden Carry
Notes: RX (with a vest or traveling pushups on 45# plate) 20/14
20 min time cap.
IDO Squat Routine

5 minutes Dynamic Warm-up
(Sprinting, change of direction, skipping, hopping…..)
2 rounds:
10 Banded Press (black band)
10 Banded Scap Push Ups (black band)
10 Pull Aparts (red/blue band)
10 Banded Pass Throughs
10 180^ Squat Jumps
10 minutes of Clean and Jerk review and weight prep.
Clean and Jerk ladder!
10 sets of 1 Clean + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk
Every 90 sec for 15 minutes.
Increasing weight for rounds 1-5 and then maintain the same weight for rounds 6-10.
Notes : the focus is learning to move heavier weight constantly. And learning your limits.
4 rounds of
20 sec Max Pull Ups/Ring Rows
20 sec Rest
20 sec Max Hang Clean
20 sec Rest
20 sec Hollow Rock
20 sec Rest
Notes: Pick a Clean Weight that you can go unbroken for 20 secs.
5 min T-Spine Flow
(10 shoulder bridges, 5/5 single arm shoulder bridges, 10 rotating from shoulder bridge to

Tabata Banded Monster Walks
10 Ring Rows
10 Half Lunge (5/5)
10 Wall Arm Slides
4 Worlds Greatest Stretch
Review Rowing technique
Partner WOD:
In teams of two complete the following in any order you want:
2,000 Meter Row
50 KB Deadlifts
75 Renegade Rows
100 Burpees
150 KettleBell Swings
200 Sit Ups
250 Double Unders (500 singles)
Notes : You may skip around movements at-will but only one partner can work at a time.
Rx: 70KB/55KB deadlift 50/35 row Fitness: 55KB/35KB deadlift 35/20 row
1 min Thread the Needle
1 min Twisted Cross
1 min Banded HIp Flexor





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