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Murph Success. (May 29-Jun2nd)

//Murph Success. (May 29-Jun2nd)

Murph Success. (May 29-Jun2nd)



This last Saturday at 8 am we opened the door to Sporthalle and had over 75 people join us the celebrate and pay tribute to the life and service of Lt. Micheal Murphy and all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

11 members of the New Braunfels Police Departement came and did the full “Murph” with bulletproof tactical vests on. We also had members of the Town Creek neighborhood come cheer us on and enjoy Taco’s from the Taco stand as well as FREE BEER.

There are so many highlights and I think the following video really speaks for itself but this image is what truly stuck out to me.

In this photo. This a high school boy, A woman over 65, and a New Braunfels Police Officer.  All working out together. All getting better. No ego, Just people wanting to use their fitness for a bigger cause. That is the kind of positivity we love at Sporthalle.

Our  participants spanned a huge age range as well. Our youngest was a 2 year old carried by her mother and our oldest was in his 70’s.


GO AHEAD AND PRESS PLAY!!!Thank you to everyone who came and spent a few hours honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice.#locallifestylelongterm 📹@caroraefilms

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A big thank you to CaroraeFilms for putting this together for us.


This Week’s CrossFit Programming:


New Braunfels Crossfit
1. Fun – good atmosphere, interesting workouts, healthy competition.
2. Week 5 of our 8 week Wendler Deadlift training cycle.
3. Friday we test our capacity. Please record the athletes score on each round. We
will retest at the end of the summer.

5 min /dynamic & sprint work
Then: 9 min EMOM
5 OHS + 5 Zotts Press
45 sec MTN climbers
8 Ring Rows hold 15 sec on last rep
Shoulder Prep for Push Press
15 min to find Heavy Single Push Press
12 min EMOM
1. Push Press -max reps at 75% of heavy single
2. Calorie Row
3. Slam Balls max reps
Notes: Keep count for total reps. And see how much you deviate each round.
Practice a skill that you struggle with for the remainder of class. (Handstand Hold, Toes to
Bar, Double Unders…)
1 min each
Box Shoulder Stretch
T-Spine Opener
Roll VMO

1 length Toy Soldiers
1 length Lateral Hops
1 length Inch Worm
Then 2 rounds
10/10 Single Arm KB Deadlfits
10 KB Lunges
10 KB Swing
10 Pass Throughs
10 Pull Aparts
30 sec Shoulder Bridge
STRENGTH: (wk 4)
Every 3 min for 9 min
1. 5 reps Deadlift @ 65%
2. 5 reps Deadlift @ 75%
3. 5+ reps Deadlift @ 85%
Notes: Standard Wendler progression.
3 rounds
30 sec L -Marching Side Planks
10 sec rest
30 sec R -Marching Side Planks
10 sec rest
5 rounds of 90 sec AMRAP (1 min rest)
3 Push Press
6 Front Squat
9 Lunges
Double KB/DB Front Rack
Rx:55/35 Fitness: 35/26
Notes: Goal is to maintain the Front Rack position for the entire 90 seconds.
1 min of each
IDO Squat Routine
Pigeon Pose

400m Run
Then: 2 rounds
30 sec Hanging from the bar
10 Scap Push ups
10 Multi Directional Lunge
10 Kick Throughs
5 Push Ups
Work at a steady pace for 16 minutes.
150m KB Carry (switch at 50m mark between suitcase carry and front rack double hand.)
10-15 DB Reverse Fly
10-15 Lateral Shoulder Raise
10-15 Bicep Curls
Notes: On a running clock complete as many cycles as possible. Focus on good solid
movement. Pick a weight that is challenging to complete each set.
1000m Row
50 Wall Balls
25 Ring Dips
Notes: Work on good stroke rate on the rower. Break up the wallballs into as few sets as
possible. Pick a scale for the ring dips that will not let you get more than 10 reps in a set.
5 minutes spent on a foam roller!!

5 minutes Dynamic Warm-up
3 rounds:
10 Tempo Goblet Squats
10 Hip Switch
10 Broad Jumps
30 sec Handstand Hold
Review Movements
2 rounds (30 minutes total)
3 min for Max Reps / Rest 2 minutes.
1) 500m Row
Max Thrusters (95/65) (75/45)
2) 400m Run
Max Rep Deadlift (185/135) (135/95)
3) 30 Burpees
Max KB Swings (70/55) (55/35)
Notes: This is our summer benchmark. We will redo this workout at the end of the
summer. So if they can do the RX weight safely but not a lot of reps then have them do
that weight so at the end of the summer we have a solid number to compare.
Tabata Banded Deadbugs.
2min T-Spine Flow
(10 shoulder bridges, 5/5 single arm shoulder bridges, 10 rotating from shoulder bridge to
2 min Banded Hamstrings Stretch



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