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Nov 22nd, 2017

//Nov 22nd, 2017

Nov 22nd, 2017


1min Plate OH Hold (25/15lbs)
12 Plate Overhead Walking Lunges
15 Plate Squats (Hold the plate out front and slightly up. Arms extended)
18 Plate Lateral Jump Overs
5 rounds


1min Plate OH Hold
12 Plate Walking Lunges
15 Plate Squats
18 Plate Jumps
5 rounds

Today we wanted everyone to squat, carry and jump without using a barbell. We try to include at least 1-3 workouts a week that don’t include a barbell. Sometimes this can be challenging. We also wanted to perform some overhead stability work instead of typical pulling and pressing.Don’t get all down  when you see workouts without barbells.

The important thing is how you do the workout, not the workout itself!

For the Plate hold: The 1min is accumulative. They need to hold for a total of 1min. If they need to rest, they take that time off their total time. Everyone is responsible to time their own 1min.

For the OH walking lunges: Ideally, perform these walking.

Plate squats are performed with the plate directly out front and pointing upwards.

Plate lateral jump overs: These are performed by jumping up ON the plate then over onto the ground on the other side. That is one rep. They are done laterally, facing sideways to the plate.

Hoilday Hours :

Today 6am,9am,Noon


Friday: 9am and Noon

Saturday: 800am Yoga

9:30 am Community Workout





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