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Are you ready to reclaim and improve your quality of life?

What is Fit 4 Life?

Fit 4 Life is a fitness program designed for older adults to improve and maintain the quality of their life.

The movements taught in this class focus on specific exercises to improve strength and function around the ankle, knee, shoulder, and hip joints while improving balance, reaction time and activities of daily living.
Instructor adapts each movement based the skill and fitness level of each individual.

Functional exercise will help you maintain greater control of your health such as improved bone density, improved weight control, a greater range of motion and improved balance.

What sets us apart from other gyms?

Some gyms may claim to have a program like Fit 4 Life but it is just another group fitness class. This is a dedicated class with a dedicated Coach with exercises specificity chosen to reach your goals.

Where did this program come from?

Charlotte “Chick” Hickingbottom was tired of seeing a whole population of people being neglected by the fitness community. So she created Fit 4 Life to empower and improve peoples lives.

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