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What are we doing here? Are we training or are we just working out?

Everyday at the gym people are doing things:  lifting things, running on things, pushing things, pulling things…(You get it)

However, I think you should do more than just “things.”  I think you should define what you’re doing. Is it training or exercise?  This is a tricky subject.  Because to the untrained eye, 2 people could be doing the exact same thing but one person could be training and one person could be exercising.

When most people say exercising, they mean going to the gym, lifting weights, going for a run (maybe come to the gym that runs this newsletter you are reading)… whatever it is that you do get your heart pumping and your blood flowing.

However, in reality, exercise and training are very different things…

And, to make matters more confusing, you can both exercise and train doing all of the above activities

You see, the real difference between exercise and training lies with how you approach the activity, not the activity itself.

Yup, it all comes down to intention in the end. Let me explain.

What Is Exercise?

Exercise, in its most basic form, can be defined as something that “enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness”.

It is recommended that everyone participate in some form of physical exercise, regardless of the specifics.  In fact, the CDC publishes very specific guidelines, where they suggest that all adults get at least 2.5 hours of moderate cardiovascular exercise per week.

This, at a minimum level, breaks down to 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days a week

The fundamental goal of exercise here is also very clear: it keeps you healthy.

That’s right, there are a veritable cornucopia of health and wellness-related benefits to regularly exercising – including improved cardiovascular capacity, immune system functioning, brain health, sleep quality, and mental well being.

And on top of all that, exercise can help with weight control  (although it is impossible to out-exercise a bad diet.)

Yup, I think that we can all agree that exercise is a good thing. Even if we don’t always do enough of it, we all know that we should be…

What Is Training?

Now let’s look at training.

If you’ve spent any time at SPORTHALLE you have probably heard  the Coaches refer to what to workouts as “Training.”

And this may have struck you as strange; after all, we are lifting weights, not training for anything, right?

Well, as I said, it all comes back to intention. When someone says that they are training, it means that are actively trying to improve something – usually in a systematic way.

Runners train for marathons. A boxer trains to get ready for the big fight. An athlete trains to excel in their chosen sport.

In all of these examples, these people are also exercising while they train. But training isn’t only related to exercise, you can train for all kinds of things in your life.  Yes, you might well say that someone trains to play the piano better, trains their flexibility through stretching, or trains their mind in meditative practice.

Broadly speaking, when we train something – or train for something – we are seeking to condition ourselves to operate at a higher level. To get better at whatever it is.

So, Should We All be Training?

Not so fast…

I am in no way suggesting that training is better than merely exercising.

As you might imagine, it really comes down to your specific goals.

If your priority is just to maintain your health, then simply exercising will generally be sufficient for you – and you are completely flexible to choose whatever type of activity you like best.

Go hiking if you enjoy it. Do a workout video that gets your heart pumping. Chase your kids around the yard and that’s good enough for the CDC guidelines.

However, if you want to get somewhere specific then you need to be training.

These things don’t simply happen as a result of general exercise and movement; instead, they are a predictable response to routinely putting your body under increased amounts of tension, and forcing it to adapt.

Yes, training is intense. Training requires focus. Training takes work.

Most importantly, when you’re training, you need to have a plan.

Talk to your Coach. Tell them your plan, and if you don’t have plan they can help you make one.  They can also coach you to have a workout that helps push you toward that goal along that plan.  So let’s get to training… or exercising.  Just get it done.






Rowing for Strikes



2 minutes of primal moving.



5 min AMRAP

10 Wallballs

5 Burpees

  • rest 2:30

4 min AMRAP

10 KB Swings

10 Box Jump Overs

  • rest 2 min

3 min AMRAP

10 Wallballs

5 Burpees

  • rest 1:30

2 min AMRAP

10 KB Swings

10 Box Jump Overs

Rx: 60/44 Fitness: 50/35

Notes: Work as hard as you can for each AMRAP.




KB TOSS (distance and accuracy)


SLED PUSH (speed and max weight)

ROPE SKILLS (double unders and singles)Foam Roll Upper Thoracic





2 min Lateral Shuttle

2 rounds

5 90/90 Breathing

5 Multi Directional Lunge

5 Tempo Reaching Squats

5 Caveman Pass Throughs



Review back squat and dynamic acceleration.



10 min EMOM

Odd) 3 Dynamic Back Squats (tempo 51X2)

Even) 7-10 V-Ups

Notes: Weight over weight. Really focus on maintaining the best position on the descent. Dynamic is the focus. Try not to bounce in the bottom. Explosive driving out of the hole.



3 rounds for time.

400m Run (1rd) 300m Run (2rd) 200m Run (3rd)

12 DB Thrusters

12 DB Step-Ups

Rx: (50/35) Fitness: (40/20)

Notes: Keep a steady pace on this METCON.



Couch Stretch

Single Leg Bow



WARM-UP: (10 min)

4 World’s Greatest Stretch

10 Jump Squat 180 turns

10 Scap Push Ups

10 Pass Throughs


CONDITIONING: (10 min cap)

3rds @ 80%

200m Run

20 Jumping Lunges

10 Push Ups


STRENGTH: (15 min)

Every 90 secs for 15 minutes (9 rounds total)

Rds 1-3

3 Strict Press and 3 Strict Toes to Bar

Rds 4-6

3 Push Press and 3 Strict Pull Ups

Rds 7-9

3 Push Jerks hold last rep for 5 secs in catch.

Notes: Increase weight each round. Points of performance – stacked overhead position.



Tabata Row




Child’s Pose

Twisted Cross

Lying Quad Stretch



400m Run or Row

2 rds

10 Cossack Squats

10 Scap Push Ups

10 Kick Throughs

10 Pass Throughs

10 YTIs



Scales to improve strength in the pull-up.



1 Strict Pull Ups Every 10 sec for 10 minutes. Weighted for as long as possible.

NOTES: Scale to pull up from the rack, ring row or banded pull-up. When you hit failure, take 1 round off and then scale down if needed.



3 rounds of continuous movement.

21 DB Renegade Rows (Pull/Pull/Push Up – yes with a push up)

15 DB Hang Clean

9 DB Push Jerks

100m Front Rack/Overhead carry (switch at the 50m mark)

NOTES: Rx 50/35 fitness 40/20



Hip Switch

Banded Shoulders



5 minute Sprint Work

2 rounds

10 Pass Throughs

10 Pull Aparts

10 BReverse Lunges

10 Push Ups

6 World’s Greatest



  1. 20 total Strict Toes to Bar

Break up as needed.

  1. 10 total Wall Walks

Break up as needed

  1. 50 Banded Sit-Ups

Break up as needed



7 rounds for time!

7 Deadlifts

7 Toes to Bar

7 KB Swings

7 Goblet Squats

7 KB/DB Alternating Snatches

7 Burpees

7 HSPU or Pike Push Ups

Notes: Rx: 185/135, 55/35 Fitness: 135/95, 44/26



IDO Squat

Half Frog

Foam Roll everything






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