1153 N Academy Ave, New Braunfels TX 78130

Sept 24th to Sept 29th

//Sept 24th to Sept 29th

Sept 24th to Sept 29th

Look out. Its happening.

Its a special time of year in New Braunfels. Its time for basically all the holidays. Back to back to back. Labor Day, Columbus Day,Halloween, Wurstfest,Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and then its time for a whole month of ” A Christmas Story” (You’ll shoot your eye out). Anyways we here at Sporthalle are here for you.

In order to help you prepare for the Hoildays Whirlwind we are having.


OCT 20th

Join us for Sporthalle’s 1st Annual Paleo Crocktoberfest crock-pot cooking contest! Bring your favorite crock-pot creation and compete against your fellow athletes for the title of SPORTHALLE Ultimate Crocktologist.
What we need from you is to vote on the time of the event.
Compete in Three Categories!

There will be 3 categories of competition – Entrees, Desserts, and Crocktails. There will be a winner in each category as well as an overall crowning of the 2018 SPORTHALLE Ultimate Crocktologist. Entries are judged by our all-star panel of paleo culinary experts based on taste, creativity, and presentation.

Don’t Want to Compete? – Come Socialize and Eat!
We encourage everyone to come, whether or not you’re entering a dish.Please come join us, even if you don’t plan on entering a dish to mix, mingle, and try all of the fantastic entries. Please bring a dish or drink to share!
So the meat and potatoes…
Judging starts promptly at the beginning of the event. Any entries that arrive after the start will be enjoyed by all but will not be in the running for the title. Eating begins as soon as the judges have had an opportunity to try each entry.
All ingredients must be paleo approved (no grains, no dairy, no legumes). Paleo gray area including, maple, honey, agave, and alcohol can be included but must be disclosed. If you are unsure, ask. We will be happy to approve recipes. Please feel free to post any ingredient questions to comments.
All ingredients must be cooked in the crock-pot (cannot bbq, fry, wok, etc. prior to going in the pot… searing or browning is ok)
Your crock-pot creation will be judged solely on the contents of the crock-pot. Accoutrements and pairings will only count toward presentation points.
Bring your A game and be prepared to share the family recipe (yeah, yeah, you can leave out a key ingredient or two to maintain your edge for next year).


On top of that we are also  having our :

2nd Annual Costume Contest Oct 27th

Come in costume and get your pumpkin on. Maybe you can out do Uncle Dave. But probably not.


New Programming.

Hey everyone! As you know Coach Chick has been writing our Crossfit programming for nearly a year. She has been doing a fantastic job but has chosen to pass the programming torch on to me, though she will continue to work with me on metabolic conditioning structure. I value her years of experience as a past owner and a coach for over 25 years. I’m excited to take this on and express my vision for our Crossfit classes. You can expect to see more structured strength progressions, meaning you will see the same strength movements on the same day each week, and will be following a linear weight progression to drive accelerated adaptation for strength and conditioning. I’m very excited to see how you respond to this new stimulus. As members of Sporthalle please give me feed back to make the gym the best we can be.


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MONDAY: 9/24


3 Rounds:

:45 Plank

:45 Hip Bridge Max Reps (smooth and easy)

:15 Kneeling arm Swing R/L

20 R/L Lateral Band walks

Dynamic Movement Prep

3 Rounds:

10R/10L Lat. Skips

10yrd Crawling worlds greatest

4R/4L Spiderman to Lateral Flex & Ext

4R/4L Leg Cradle lunge Twist

Agility Prep

1×6 Double leg ZIg Zag Bound

1×6 X Over-catch step

1×6 Double leg Zig Zag Bound


3 Step Sprint


3 step sprint throw it into neutral

*rest is walk back to line


3×5 Back Squat

3×5 OH Strict Press or if OH mobility is poor, set up SA landmine press on wall.

Cool Down

Rollie Pollie


Foam Roll

Notes: Back Squat should be working up to manageable set of 5. Failure should be nowhere in sight. Same standard goes for OH press.




3 Rounds

:30 Glute Bridge

10 Scap. Push slow

10 Scap. Pull slow

:30 Deadbug


Deadlift 1×5 30-50lb less than original 5 RM

3 max effort pull-up

3×5 R/L Step ups working on pulling yourself onto the box


10min AMRAP

  • 4 Dynamic Push-ups
  • 8 Ring Rows or Jumping PU
  • 12 total Russian Twist 40/20
Cool Down

2min baby squat

Foam Roll


Pull-ups can be strict, negative, or leg assisted. Deadlift is 1×5 not including warm up but failure is nowhere in sight.



Dynamic Med-ball

10 Lateral toss R/L

10 Chest pass

10 OH toss

10 sit-up toss

5×5 R/L

Shrimp Squat

Strength & Conditioning

4 Rounds:

15 weighted Hanging Knee Tuck

10 R/L Teapots

10 R/L split stance banded transverse rotation

3 Rounds

10 Rear Delt Fly

10 Lateral Raise

10 Front Raise

10min EMOM Alternating

:45 bear hug Plate carry 90/45

:45 Hollow Rock

Cool Down

Wall Circles

GMB Shoulders

Rotator cuff stretch



Run Prep 1:

2 Rounds

  • Knee hug
  • Quad pull
  • Cradle
  • High knees
  • Tin Solder
  • Quick skip high knee
  • Tall and fall 3 step sprint

“Knee up toe up”

Bench Prep:

3×10 R/L

-External rotations with 2.5,5, or 10lb weight


Back Squat 3×5

Bench Press 3×5

Working toward heavy but manageable weights for both lifts

Agility Prep

1×6 Double leg ZIg Zag Bound

1×6 X Over-catch step

1×6 Double leg Zig Zag Bound


Volume Run

4 Cone Drill ideally 10 rounds working both directions

  • Sprint to cone 1 to 2
  • Side shuffle cone 2 to 3
  • back pedal cone 3 to 4
  • Side shuffle to finish
Cool Down:

2min Squat

GMB Shoulders

Foam roll

FRIDAY: 9/28


Barbell Warm-up:

3 Rounds

(empty bar)

5 DL


5 muscle clean

5 Push press

5 Back Squat

5 Good Morning


Every 2min

Power Clean 5×3

(these are 5 working sets of 3 at the same weight be modest when starting)

Chin-up 3xMAX every 2:00


8 Rounds

Max reps in :30

:30 Lateral Skaters

:30 Inverted bar row or ring row

:30 Bulgarian split squat :15R :15L

:30 rest

Cool Down

2min baby Squat

GMB Shoulders

Foam Roll


The power clean like all the other lifts will go up each week. Start with moderate weight so we can get super strong later.



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